Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Bend in the Road...

I can't remember the last time I actually finished reading a book, other than a manual, or a text book. So when I started this new journey of of healing, of wanting to be a happier me, I knew I had to add Bob's book store to my list of resources.

Bob owns
Always Buying Books
in Joplin, Missouri.  

Bob is a quiet man who loves his friends and family, his community and his country. Bob is my friend and a Vietnam Veteran. He also knows just about everything about books.

I stopped in his store recently and asked him to recommend a book for me. 

Knowing me pretty well, he recommended the Author Nicholas Sparks and led me to a display of his books.  I picked "A Bend in the Road". Bob also told me that Nicholas Sparks was a great storyteller.  He was right.

A Bend in the Road is a book about a man who lost his wife and is raising his young son by himself. He is heartbroken and left with many unknowns about how the love of his life died.  The story takes on extra meaning when you find out he is a county sheriff who can't solve the mystery that has left him so broken. I won't say anymore about the plot, except to tell you it has a happy ending.  My kind of book.

It took me only a week 

to finish this book.  

Foremost, I made time to read, time to be quiet, to focus. Thehubs even bought me a special chair, helped find a place and moved furniture so that I would have a quiet corner all to myself, away from noise and distractions.

Quiet time,
a time to slow my brain,
focus on one thing and relax.
It was so easy, yet took me so long
to find.

So if you have any questions about books, new books, old books, rare books, vintage books, or any book at all, ask Bob. You can find Bob on Facebook at "Always Buying Books" in Joplin, Missouri. Or you can call Bob at 417-781-1720, email him at or check out his website at

You might even get to meet his Brother Bill.

A book is a gift you can open again and again.  Garrison Keillor

This review is my opinion, not endorsed by anyone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Black and white memories...

What makes me smile?

My 5th grade class photo.
I am the last one to the right on the second row,
right in front of Mr. Weaver, one of my favorite teachers.
Mr. Weaver taught both 4th and 5th grades in one room,
here we are together for our class photo.

As you can see I had a broken ankle, caused by
going too fast down a hill, with my best friend on the handle bars.

Our small rural school 
where I went all through grade school.

A collage of both cousins, myself and friends.
The bottom photo is my first grade photo.
I was taught first grade by the same teacher who
taught first grade to my father and older brothers.
I remember Mrs. Warren, she was also
our neighbor and my Sunday School Teacher.
She also gave out homemade popcorn balls on Halloween.

Do you remember your first grade photo?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Ponders...

What I am reading...     Kdaughter brought me a book by Joel Osteen.  I had heard of him and that he was a rich preacher that had a huge church somewhere in Texas. That was all I knew about him so before I started reading this new book, I did a little research. Yes he is a rich preacher who has worked hard to build a literary career. His sermons are televised to over 7 million people weekly in over 20 countries. 

"When I grew up, the devil was a reason why I had a headache or the devil was the reason I got mad today. We always blamed the devil. I think today when I say the enemy, I like to make it broader. Sometimes the enemy can be our own thoughts. We've trained ourselves the wrong way. Or the enemy can be our own lack of discipline. Some people preach about hell like you're already going there, and to me the Gospel means 'Good News.' I'd rather say God is a God of mercy. So I think the people already know what they're doing wrong, and I certainly believe in hell. But to me, when I see thousands of people before me, it just doesn't come out of me to say, 'You guys are terrible, and you're going to hell.' I'd rather say that God is a God of mercy. You've got to live an obedient life, but for every mistake you’ve made, there's mercy there, and I believe we can do better." Joel Osteen

 I printed this quote on my color printer and framed it in a beautiful frame. I set it on the bathroom sink counter and it is the first thing I read each morning. 
It has reminded me of the choices I have in my life, and my responsibility for them.

 This is one part of my healing process,
my journey to be a better me. 
I want to be happy and 
I do believe for me, it is a choice.

I have begun my journey to communicate my feelings without expecting anything in return. I gave up writing for almost 2 years. I need it, it exposes me, holds me accountable and guides me along to the next step. It empties my soul, it takes out the garbage so to say.

I am also saying "NO".
This is not as easy as I thought.

I am now journaling, some may call it bullet journaling, however, my journal has no rules, no expectations, no disappointments, no drama.

I plan to share some of my ideas as I go and by sharing this with you, I am making myself accountable to this journey. I hope you will come along, share your thoughts and ideas, lift me up and hold me accountable.

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As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Richard Pearcy