Monday, June 11, 2018

We've had a lot going on these past couple of months.  
I didn't even realize it had been that long since I had posted on my blog.  
I guess I took a little electronic hiatus.

But other projects required my time, attention and energy.

I am trying new foods and new stores as we travel around.

I am also growing a lot of vegetables.

I haven't decorated anything,
except our front porch.
Kitty (Russel) likes it
and lays here each morning.

I've been fishing.

Our weather was amazing,
it got hot.
Now we are having August heat in June.

I also am learning how to relax, 
enjoy where I am, who I am with, 
and discovering what I like to do.

More to come.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Another Monday...

We are getting ready for a garage sale.
It is our least favorite thing to do.  

I have been asking these questions.

  • Do I have room for it?
  • Is it in the way when I want to use something else, something that I use often?
  • How many of this do I need?

I don't bend and stretch like I use to. 

  • How many times have I cleaned something in the past month that I really never use?
  • Or that I forgot that I had? I walk by it everyday and don't see it?

Garage sales are hard work.

  • But it will never bring what it is worth at a garage sale!
  • But it has a nice memory attached to it! I can't let that go. Remember when....
  • But I like that, it is pretty.
  • Oh, remember so and so gave that to us. I don't want to hurt their feelings,and you know they will come to our garage sale.
Stay focused.

Thehubs went to a class a few weeks ago and the instructor told a story of her grandma's dishes. Her mom had called and said she was bringing "grandma's dishes over". The instructor told her she didn't want grandmas dishes, that her cabinets were full of other pieces of grandma's dishes. The next day she came home from work and there on her porch was that box of grandmas dishes. She called her daughter and told her she was bringing grandma's dishes to her house. The daughter said no, her cabinets were full and she didn't want grandmas dishes either. So the instructor called the local flea market and asked of anyone there bought dishes. They said no, their market was too full of dishes and they weren't accepting anymore in their store.

That story stuck with me. How much stuff have I kept just because it belonged to someone I loved. I have a famous tea set, a family heirloom with a lot of history behind it. But it is very ugly. The dishes are so thin, that I don't dare use them and how often do I serve formal tea in extremely thin cups. They have been stored in a box in the closet for 17 years, since we downsized and moved from the big house. Kdaughter thinks they are ugly, too fragile and doesn't want the responsibility, brother won't even talk about taking them. My grandma didn't want them, my mother doesn't want them, and I think I am tired of them being in my closet.

  • Do I dare break the family line of the famous tea set in the box in the closet?
  • Would grandma hate me for not passing it along?
  • Do I keep it another 17 years, in a box, in the closet?

Stay focused!

Yea, right.
The tea set is still in the closet.

Till later...

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I cried...

It hurt so bad I cried.

I have been slacking.

I have been giving in and giving up.

The other day, a stranger's words gave me a reason to try again.

So I got back up.

I got back on my bike and rode.

I rode till I cried, it hurt so bad. My muscles cramped. I couldn't catch my breath.

I got hot, then cold.

I broke sweat and flushed red heat from my head to my toe.

I cried, it hurt so bad.

Then something told me to...

I turned on my Ipad to You Tube and the first video that popped up was the tribute to Billy Graham. It automatically came on and the song "I can only imagine" started playing.

I cried more as I put each foot in front of the other taking deep long breaths,
hurting and thinking about the pain of being nailed to that Cross. 
Tears flowed down my cheeks.

Suddenly my tears of pain became tears of joy. 
As the video came to an end, I looked at my bike and I had reached four miles.

Till later...

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It's Tuesday and I may be rude...

I really, really
don't like these people. 

Yep, it's TUESDAY, 
time for some topics that have bothered me this past week. 
I call them
Pet Peeves.
definition: something that annoys or bothers 
you very much (and usually has an easy remedy).

Yesterday these people called four times.
Here's how it went.

I am busy cutting up chicken. I quickly wash my hands and pick up the phone.

a recorded voice says: Hello this is credit card services, this is a very important call. We want to assure you there is no problem...

Click. I hang up.
note: I listened to it all one time and quickly realized it was a sales call.  Now my trigger finger is working faster due to more practice lately. I am pretty quick at hanging up on this one.


I'm busy scrubbing the shower and I hear it ring, so I run to get the phone. I am now out of breath.

Is Joe there?

No. There is no Joe here.

Oh, well, I meant to talk to you anyway.  How are you today? Have you ever...

No, I have not. Thank you, Goodbye.

note: even though he was lying to me, I thought he was polite, so I tried to be polite back.

Hello. This is a very important call regarding your student loans...

note: I don't have any student loans. I get this call at least 5 times a week. I'm pretty quick at hanging up on this one too. Hanging up quickly is now a family sport.

I am cleaning Kitty's litter box and the phone rings.

Hello Mrs. C_____ how are you today?  You have been chosen to receive this great vacation in Branson, Missouri, three days and 2 nights in our luxurious resort and four tickets of your choice  to an outstanding selection of shows. Would you like to come on down and enjoy our wonderful resort? I can even include 2 half-price meal tickets to some of the best restuarants in all of the greater Branson area. Now wouldn't that be fun?

Yes, that would be great?

Well, Mrs. C_____ this great vacation includes wonderful amenities including an indoor pool, sauna, a spa.  I can book your amazing get-a-way right now for the one time, today only, price of $289, now that is a great vacation bargain isn't it? Would you like me to go ahead and make your reservation?

No, where i syour resort?

Oh Mrs. C_____ this is a one time offer, and reservations are filling fast, may I go ahead and get your vacation started?

No, I want to know more about your resort.

Mrs. C_________, have you been to Branson before? If you have, I can offer you a friends of Branson discount and get you that 3 day and 2 night vacation booked right now for only $229.

Thank you for the info. I need to talk this over with my husband before I give you the okay.

Well, Mrs. C_______, if you can go ahead and give me the okay, I can give you an additional discount and that now makes this Branson Vacation only $189!

That's sounds like a good deal. Now where is your resort?

Mrs. C_______, we have several resorts that participate in our special deal. May I go ahead and sign you up?

Well, I would like to know more about the resort before I give you my credit card info.

Mrs. C______, now listen, you NEED a vacation and I NEED a sale. Let's make this deal at $149 and get this over with. I'm tired of messing around here. Come on!

I think he just wanted my credit card info.


Till later...