Friday, February 16, 2024

A little of my world

 Hello dear friends,

Maybe it is time for me to make a post about my home decor.  I don't claim to be a decorator. I love what I have and most of it is a collection of items gathered over the last 25 years.

Comfort is number one for us, function is just as important. So as I take you through my home today, you may see bits of everything.  Mostly, I have plants.  I love plants, especially small ones that I can grow along with.

I love these carts!  Thehubs hates them but when I vacuum they just roll out of the way, they store anything and can even be used outside.

I also love my vegetable/fruit wire bins. I have had them forever. They are great storage.

We built our home 23 years ago. Board by board, each one touched by thehubs. We had left our 3600+sq ft home with an inground pool and walkout basement, 5 bedrooms, in the city. The kids had all moved out and the big house was too much for thehubs and I. 

This is our back yard.
February is not a goo dmonth for pictures.
Today, the wind is blowing, it is 35 degrees.
Everything is brown and muddy.
Typical Missouri February.

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