Saturday, March 30, 2013

Faith is Believing in what you do not see.

QUOTE OF MY DAY: Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.

There have been times that I have doubted faith, both in God, and in myself, especially my abilities. Not to mention society, government, friends, banks, and so on, and on... Faith is believing! 

It has always been MY choice what to believe in, or to... just believe. I am a christian and I DO believe in God, Jesus and the great divine power of both. And I have always believed in miracles, of the healing kind, blessing kind and the divine intervention kind. I believe that tomorrow will come, that my husband loves me,and  that i love my daughters more than my own life. But believing in myself comes much harder for me.

On a vacation,  a friend and I were in the deepest hand dug well in Greensburg, Kansas. We walked down the open stairs, winding downward, able to see all the way to the bottom of this big, giant hole. I froze. I suddenly realized I am afraid of heights.  Having to get assistance to pry my cold fingers from the railing, my friend guided me step-by-step backwards That  had proved it.  I am afraid... of heights.  

I began avoiding all open staircases, glass elevators, and anything tall. I  had accepted it. After several years of being afraid, I wanted to go zip lining so I started checking into facing my fear ( before summer and our trip to the zip lining tower, it had to be overcome).  

Perhaps, my fear was not of the height of something. Perhaps my fear could be... not believing in my own abilities? to not fall? to not trip? and finally... to not get scared?

I am learning to believe in myself, it is a daily process, one step at a time...

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