Monday, April 9, 2018

Another Monday...

We are getting ready for a garage sale.
It is our least favorite thing to do.  

I have been asking these questions.

  • Do I have room for it?
  • Is it in the way when I want to use something else, something that I use often?
  • How many of this do I need?

I don't bend and stretch like I use to. 

  • How many times have I cleaned something in the past month that I really never use?
  • Or that I forgot that I had? I walk by it everyday and don't see it?

Garage sales are hard work.

  • But it will never bring what it is worth at a garage sale!
  • But it has a nice memory attached to it! I can't let that go. Remember when....
  • But I like that, it is pretty.
  • Oh, remember so and so gave that to us. I don't want to hurt their feelings,and you know they will come to our garage sale.
Stay focused.

Thehubs went to a class a few weeks ago and the instructor told a story of her grandma's dishes. Her mom had called and said she was bringing "grandma's dishes over". The instructor told her she didn't want grandmas dishes, that her cabinets were full of other pieces of grandma's dishes. The next day she came home from work and there on her porch was that box of grandmas dishes. She called her daughter and told her she was bringing grandma's dishes to her house. The daughter said no, her cabinets were full and she didn't want grandmas dishes either. So the instructor called the local flea market and asked of anyone there bought dishes. They said no, their market was too full of dishes and they weren't accepting anymore in their store.

That story stuck with me. How much stuff have I kept just because it belonged to someone I loved. I have a famous tea set, a family heirloom with a lot of history behind it. But it is very ugly. The dishes are so thin, that I don't dare use them and how often do I serve formal tea in extremely thin cups. They have been stored in a box in the closet for 17 years, since we downsized and moved from the big house. Kdaughter thinks they are ugly, too fragile and doesn't want the responsibility, brother won't even talk about taking them. My grandma didn't want them, my mother doesn't want them, and I think I am tired of them being in my closet.

  • Do I dare break the family line of the famous tea set in the box in the closet?
  • Would grandma hate me for not passing it along?
  • Do I keep it another 17 years, in a box, in the closet?

Stay focused!

Yea, right.
The tea set is still in the closet.

Till later...


  1. I'm sitting here trying to think what to type because I keep absolutely nothing that doesn't have a use if I don't use it it's gone I have empty places on my shelves in my closet have space to hang clothes and I even have two cabinets in my kitchen that have nothing in them. So that said I doubt you would want my advice but I can tell you that that tea set would be gone if it was mine but then that's me and I keep nothing. When I get a card in the mail a birthday card or something like that I read it and drop it in the trash can that one sentence explains me. I could not have a yard sale unless I sold the stuff that we sit and sleep on

  2. Sadly I would have kept the teaset too.

  3. i cam back to say, if you want to keep it keep it and let the ones that don't want it deal with it after you no longer need it... about keeping or not keeping things, we all should do what makes US happy


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