Saturday, March 24, 2018

What I am reading...

I awoke to this song
being played
softly in my mind. 

credit: joey feel blog this life i live
Rory Feek is one of my favorite people.  I subscribe to his blog This Life I live. Joey Feek died of cancer and Joey told her story and continues to write about life. He has a gift for sharing.

He is a truly great storyteller and his writings are at the top of my reading list. His words make me cry, laugh, close my eyes and dream. His story is real life.

He just finished a new book and
you can find it and more on his webpage:  

Or if you want, you can travel to his farm, enjoy sunday church service, dinner at his sisters cafe, or attend one of his concerts.

Just felt like sharing today.

Till later...


  1. i have not heard her before, so very beautiful. my dad and i used to sing harmony together and this is one of the songs we sung. we sung this in church many times... thanks for sharing this video, i really love it and will save it in my favorites.

  2. i am listening to other songs now., thanks


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