Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I turned the page...

I recently subscribed to the Oprah Magazine and received my first issue a few weeks later. The cover photo was beautiful, it was Oprah with the Grand Canyon behind her.  Oprah looked so healthy and the colors of the Big Canyon well, words could not express how beautiful it was. 

I turned the page, then another, then another and then another. It was all advertising, trying to sell me something. So I turned another, finally I came to the index. I wanted to read about Oprah's Grand Canyon adventure. I couldn't make heads or tails out of the index, it was just a list of titles and credits. So I turned another page, finally I found a page titled  "Behind the scenes".

I read an article titled "Get the Look". Here was a list of suggested clothing to make my trip in style. They were pretty and I imagined myself dressed for the scenery just as Oprah was.

Except... for the price!  Backpack $395;  leggings $168; shirt $225. I felt my self-worth plunge, but only for a minute,then I began to feel a little upset with Oprah. Really Oprah? 

I guess I could give up eating this month so that I could be in style as I walked those same paths of our Grand Canyon. Well, I like to eat, so figured I could shop at my local Goodwill and pick up an entire outfit for about $35. I was in, I could win that vacation and stay warm and look cool. I signed up.

On to the next article. I turned the page, another advertisement, then another, I then found "The Question" page and read 

"Our next question: What piece of clothing best expresses your inner you?". 

I'm not sure I want anyone to know my first answer. 

Strictly out of embarrassment, I thought about it again "What would be my second piece of clothing that best expressed my inner me?". 

Embarrassed again, I thought, well,  what about my third piece of clothing that best expressed my inner me? Finally an answer that I could share with others! It would have to be... my yoga pants.

How old am I, I asked myself?  I guess I am old enough to put comfort first, above fashion, above my outward appearance, above what others may think of me. My clothes, shoes and accessories must meet the "comfort test" before any purchases are made.

What is your piece of clothing
that best expresses your inner you?

Go to oprah.com/gcasweeps for a chance to win this great vacation. 


  1. This is so funny and goes right along with my weight loss humor signs today. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. That made me smile. Apart from the really hot days of summer I always wear a scarf which defines me as it is a necessity to my outfit.

  3. Yes, those clothing items are expensive! I love wearing sweat pants. I am a comfort gal through and through too. I don't really enjoy dressing up. Whenever I have to (for a wedding or funeral) I cringe. Ha!

  4. Oh girl, I hear you. Thank you for visitng my blog! I'm so glad you found me because that means, I found you. Such a darling blog and this post made me smile.

  5. I live in a gown when I am home, flannel if it is cold, cotton if it is not. I only wear a bra when I leave home. comfy old gown is ME to the bone. comfort over style is me.. I am shocked at those prices

  6. Ha! Crazy prices!

    Blue Jeans and T-shirts are me.

    :-) Carla

  7. My goodness, what a thought. I guess jeans and a shawl that I have crocheted! That is mostly what I wear - apart from the things you first thought of too of course!

  8. i enjoyed this read!! i don't get magazines any more, and i use to love them but now, too many advertisements. as for my go to clothing flip-flops, leggings with tunic tops (and they must be long tunics) or capri pants. i like "full" blousey tops and when i find ones i like and that fit well, they are always white - i'm not sure why. but i probably have 30 white tops!!

    a cute post!!

  9. I got a great deal a few years ago on the Oprah magazine and your right about the ads and the prices of the clothing. My subscription is ending this year and I'm okay with that!!!


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