Sunday, February 2, 2014

Joining Bloglovin

Well it's Super Bowl Sunday at our house. 

I am baking the sweets, cousin is making a large roaster full of chili, everyone is bringing appetizers, so there will be lots to eat and plenty of laughter while we enjoy the big game. 

I missed a few days of posting and commenting on my favorite blogs.  I tried to keep up with my reading and enjoyed everyone's posts and comments.  Special thanks to Linda, Tete, Sandy and Debbie for staying in touch, your words of encouragement are special hugs in my day.  I had a setback with some health issues that put me down for a few days. This happens from time to time. It feels so good to be back on the road to energy and stamina again!

I have had many problems with my Google Chrome log in.  I get multiple windows telling me that my log in can not be completed, then my computer would log off.  I delete these error messages and then it does it again.  I added my Ipad to my devices so I wondered if that had something to do with it.  So I installed Chrome to my Ipad and now I am still getting the multiple error messages on my laptop but Chrome is staying open.

I went looking for a new blog reader after seeing it posted on several blogs.  I knew nothing about them so I just had to jump in and take a shot at it.  I have signed up for Bloglovin and here is my link:

I am looking forward to learning how to use it. If anyone has any helpful hints or ideas, I would appreciate them.  I may have to drop my Google Chrome if I can't get these errors fixed.

Just a few thoughts today as I have a weeks worth of laundry, house cleaning and refrigerator duties to catch up on.  I think I will turn on my Spotify, put in my head phones and listen to some Marvin Gaye singing "What's goin on" while I work.

Thanks for coming by today!

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  1. Sounds fun like a PARTY!!! Glad you are feeling better!! I am scared of computer issues!! That's why we have a Geek Squad embership. I bake them cookies, brownies and muffins and Louis Dean is their favorite customer! Have a GREAT first week of February!!!


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