Friday, August 2, 2013


My brother Roy is hilarious. He can make me laugh so hard, I can't stop. He is now my only brother.

Cancer took our oldest brother away from us just over a year ago. Rod was the quiet one. He had a mechanical mind. He could take anything apart and then fix it and put it back together. If something didn't work, made a funny sound, he was the one that could fix it.

One day the four wheeler wouldn't start. Roy and I worked on it for an hour, gas was leaking out, the battery was dieing from us trying and trying to get it started. So we finally called our oldest brother Rod.

My Brother Rod and Duker Dog!
Rod was so sick from cancer, but he came despite the pain, the exhaustion, the weakness that cancer had done to him. He just sat there as Roy and I explained how we had arrived at the diagnosis of a comatose four wheeler.

 He listened as we explained all of it's problems, and how we had exhausted all means of fixing it. Then he said “Get me a hammer”. He took that hammer and banged it on the side of the carburetor and said “Float's stuck”. And it was fixed. 6 words, a hammer, and a smack and the problem was solved. Rod was like that.

My Brother Roy
pretending to be serious!
Roy is the funny one. This morning I took him for a colonoscopy. All the way over to our local hospital, he described the horrible details of swallowing a gallon of that awful “go-lightly” that apparently should be called “go heavy and often”. I laughed... 

Then he had the procedure and the after affects of anesthesia.  He had a dream... He was a passenger in a plane, the pilots were his favorite talk show hosts. They were flying to Las Vegas (from Missouri) and needed Twinkies. So they landed the plane on a dirt road in Wisconsin and drove it around until they found a convenience store. They bought Twinkies. Then they got back on the plane and it wouldn't start. The passenger next to him said “Get a hammer, float's stuck”.

Today had a happy ending, no cancer... 

and Brother Roy is still making me laugh...

and Brother Rod is fixing planes in heaven...


  1. What a beautiful post! Happy for YOUR 'Happy Ending' today! I think I have just about figured how to get to your posts now!

  2. oh what a beautiful entry jackie. siblings...all cut from the same cloth but each one unique. i'm glad you can write about rod and that roy can still make you laugh!!

    no cancer is indeed a happy ending!!


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