Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Makeover Monday...

I love the designing blog Teal and Lime.  Recently she posted this quote and I found it true and applicable to myself. Here it is:
"This post is scary to write, because I am really going to put myself out there. But I also know that until you tell someone, you are not really committed to those hopes and dreams. Telling someone holds you accountable. It also can, hopefully, open the doors of support and encouragement."     Teal and Lime 

Here is the link to her blog: http://www.tealandlime.com/home/
So I am telling...
I have been dreaming of redoing some of my living room.  After 5 years of this maroon color on the walls and gold on the ceiling, it is time for a change.  I guess I could refer to this paint scheme as my “colorful years”. Our home is very open, with the living room, kitchen, dining room and office open to each other, with tall ceilings, lots of windows and few walls.

I began my “colorful years” with lots of yellows, maroons, greys, and golds. It was so hard to decide on the colors because I wanted the rooms to be different but doing it with no walls between made it hard to choose. After 2 months of color swatches taped to the walls, myhub's took me to the paint store, stood in front of the paint counter and gave me 15 minutes to choose. I was part mad, part scared, part relieved. I was forced to make a decision. Scary... to say the least. I based my choices on a corningware pansy canister set that I still consider my favorite. I love the array of colors in pansies.

It is time for a change. It is time to go with less color, more decisive color and to finish those projects that are still unfinished. I will show you...
I'll call this my before...

This is my fireplace wall, the choices for this wall is few. So many fixed pieces, the fireplace, the television, the windows so there isn't much I can do for this wall except paint it a less bold color. I love the chairs that were once a part of a patio set.

Project to do: Recover cushions on chairs, paint walls, sew new window treatments.

I'll call this my before...

This is the couch wall, the only full wall in the living room, and the only place for the couch. A new couch is coming and it is dark brown and has no pattern in the fabric. I received a new sewing machine as a gift so I am excited to make new window treatments (which will match the cushions on the chairs in the previous photo). The round table was a wedding gift to my grandmother, it is a family treasure and I will have it always, no matter where we live.

Above the couch is an unfinished project. The metal sculptures are to hold photographs and should have a quote underneath them. Any suggestions?

As you can see the photos can be changed for each holiday and inserted in the leaves. At Christmas, this is where I place my Holiday Cards, on Valentines Day I insert Valentines, and so on...

Project to do: Decide on my quote and place under the metal scultpures, print some of my favorite photos, and bring in the new couch. (and get new sconces to go on each side, story about that to come later when myhubs isn't looking)

This is one of the photos to print and place....it is a canna flower outside my living room in one of many flower beds. It was  taken on a rainy day. 

Thanks to picmonkey software and a very dear friend who has encouraged me, taking photos has given me much pleasure, especially on a rainy day.

It is difficult to start and finish inside projects in the summer months. We garden, have many flower beds, and like to go to the lake so these projects will happen as the temperature starts to fall and the gardens turn brown.

There will be more to come as the projects unfold, as I hit the publish button I am committed to finish them.... and please hold me to it.

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