Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some days just start off kind of bad...

QUOTE FOR MY DAY: Sooner or later we are all someone's dog. Terry Pratchett

Started my day cleaning up doggy diarrhea... at 5am.

Cowboy is an old dog but a loyal one. He was a left behind dog, a yellow Lab with a big heart. His original owners had their home repossessed, moved and didn't want him. Such a sad story for such a happy dog. 

He has arthritis and can't climb the patio stairs anymore. So he takes the long way around to the new ones we built with shallower treads and even then he has to build momentum to climb them.

He is a jealous dog. When our other dog was put on a special diet, a very expensive one, Cowboy quit eating his food. He saw his buddy eating gourmet style, so he didn't want his affordable porridge anymore. He even quit eating his biscuits. Apparently he went on strike, a food strike. For two days, he didn't eat, just laid there, staring at his bowl of hard, dry dog food. He knew, his buddy Duke was around the corner, eating gourmet and he wanted gourmet too.

He is a smart dog. I tried hiding the gourmet food, tried to outsmart him, to conceal it from his view. But he knew, gourmet food was near. Why eat porridge when you can smell steak and potatoes? Being the smart pet owner that I am, I tried to fool him. I mixed his dry dog food with a few spoons of the gourmet dog food. It worked, he ate it and wagged his tail then finished his delicious meal with a biscuit. Mission accomplished.

Until 5am this morning...
some days are just kinda shitty, dog shitty that is.

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