{ About me }

I live in the Heart of the Ozarks, in the southwest corner of Missouri, way out in the country, down a dirt road and I love it here. 
I am a simple country girl that likes black dirt, bonfires, and four wheeling after a rainstorm. I started blogging to help mend a broken heart after a year of trials and losses. 
My husband was diagnosed with cancer, I lost my brother, my cousin and my friend to cancer. Then my dog, Duke died after a long battle with a rare fungus. I felt broken and defeated.  I needed to open my heart to the world and allow joy back in. 
The blogging community has welcomed me, encouraged me and shared their world with me. 

This blog was formerly named Greatfull Dazeez for several reasons:
Enjoy my DAYS,
 Add some EASE to my life and
Make Grandma Daisy Proud.
I may borrow, beg, plead, appreciate and post items that make me happy, lift me up and keep me moving in a positive direction. I may write about subjects that are laying heavy on my mind, my dreams, my hopes, and my losses. I may even try to do a project or two. 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. so sorry to hear of all your loss and glad to see you are writing and are grateful and have found some ease from pain.

  2. In November, I lost a dear friend and my mother-in-law just two weeks apart. The grief is heavy, but Jesus is carrying the burden.
    May He comfort you as well during this Christmas season.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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