Saturday, July 13, 2019

This is hard to write...

The doctor came in and said "It's Cancer".
It's the same cancer in the same spot as my Father's. 
We lost him one year later.

We were standing there talking with our son (in-law) when the doctor who did his scope walked in. We were all expecting him to say "acid reflux" but instead he said it's esophageal cancer. 

Over the next few days our son (in-law) had many more tests of his digestive system to determine size, stage and plan. It's stage 3, the tumor stretches from the middle of his esophagus to the middle of his stomach and it has multiple layers and fingers and it is growing fast.  Chemo and radiation have begun and will continue through the middle of august.  He is only able to drink the high calorie high protein substitutes and works so hard to swallow the smallest bite of real food.

I am staying at their home (100 miles away) monday thru friday while our oldest daughter continues to work. Our oldest daughter is one of the strongest women I know. I'm going to do all I can to help her.

Mom is doing great with her vascular dementia. At 90 years old she can bounce back and continue on. Big brother is managing her needs very well without my help. I am proud of him.

Thehubs is also maintaining our home and keeping the cat alive, even though she is not the easiest animal to take care of.  Thehubs is now a 7 year cancer survivor himself.  He works hard to take care of our family and I love him dearly.

My body is not helpful. I spent 5 days in bed after a trip to the ER diagnosed with pneumonia. So it's been tachycardia, blood clots, thrush and now pneumonia for me so far this year. The tachycardia is so draining, my heart beats between 105 and 113 resting, then goes up to 135 just walking to the bathroom.  It comes and goes several times a day and I just have to sit down and wait it out.  I see my doctor next week.

I have lost 37 pounds this year and am now at my goal weight. I thank my youngest daughter for that. She is a type 1 diebetic since birth and celiac-gluten intolerant. So I quit cooking with sugar and flour. The extra 35 pounds that I had gained since my knee surgery started falling off. Now instead of baking brownies, I cut a watermelon.

She just got out of the hospital for having blood sugars so high she was comatose. She had an mri yesterday and is on a waiting list for a special biopsy of her stomach which can only be done at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.  She deals with her own health, takes care of her disabled veteran hubs and raises our now 7 year old grandson.  Her load gets heavy.

If you stop by, please say a prayer for our family
or send positive thoughts our way.
They will be sincerely appreciated.

We know God is in control.
Thankful for each day and for your prayers.



  1. Sending prayers up for you and your family. I haven't stopped by in a long time and I am sorry to hear about the new found cancer. Blessings.

  2. I am saying prayers for ALL OF YOU! That is way too much on one family's plate. Cancer is so horrible and my hubby, too, is a 3-1/2 year survivor from his last cancer bout (has had it 3 times).

    I hope all of you find healing and strength to get through whatever you need to get through. Blessings to you- xoDiana

  3. My goodness what a year, you are all in my prayers. Take care.

  4. I prayed now for all of you and your family, for healing and for strength to get through. This is just to much for one family to have. I am so sorry and will be praying for you... I have stopped blogging for a while, but when I saw your title had to stop by... hugs coming your way.


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