Monday, March 19, 2018

Another Monday...

Out my window:
a little rain, a little sunshine, sometimes at the same time. It's spring! I am sitting here with a nice hot cup of coffee watching the sky change from bright blue to gray every few minutes, then back again.

looking east on a rainy morning - unedited

This week:
We plan to be home all week unless we decide to take off on a day trip somewhere local.  I've been wanting to visit Euna Maes Shop in Springdale, Ar or maybe a drive to Pawhuska, OK to have lunch at The Mercantile and a tour of The Pioneer Womans Lodge.

We may spend a day fishing in the pond, getting the kayaks wet, and grilling. Or maybe a weenie roast around the firepit on Saturday. It is spring here in the Ozarks, so the weather will be warm, cold, windy, calm, rainy or dry, maybe all in one day, so a lot of plans depend on the weather.

My backyard, spring 2018, early morning - uneditied

On the Menu:
We have been wanting to make some of those easy dinners in the foil packets that we can cook on the grill. I also saw this video on facebook for Strawberry Cake using a box cake mix, jello, and crushed strawberries. I googled it and found it here: Easy Strawberry Cake. Strawberries are really nice this time of year.

I had fun in my kitchen Saturday making home made cinnamon rolls for our neighborhood. It was a chilly and breezy day, it felt good to have the oven on.

In the garden:
I took a chance and planted 5 pounds of red and 5 pounds of white potatoes on St. Patrick's Day. I really am trying to stick to the old timers calendar of planting. We've added lots of compost and granulated manure to the south facing beds.

Next on the list is to till, and work the dirt on the north facing beds.

Living with fibromyalgia:
It's been extra hard this past week with the weather changing so much. From time to time, I will try to share what works for me, like my worn white cotton socks. My biggest constant complaint is the feeling all my skin is burnt, as in a bad sunburn. This is constant. But these old, worn (the elastic is very stretchy), white cotton socks are best at aleving that. I put them on and the pain almost goes away.

Weird, I know but it works for me.

My inspiration:

Favorite photo from my camera:
The two geese are still here.  We are still pretty sure they are nesting in the pecan grove. Last year, we had two stay and raise their babies on our pond. It was so interesting watching them teach their babies to fly.

On my mind and in my hands:
I need to spend some time getting a few Easter Cards sent to some special people.

Time to purge some stuff. How about a garage sale? Hum...

Time to say goodbye. Till later...
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  1. sounds like you are doing a lot of pondering on what to do or not to do. have fun which ever you decide on and the taters sound good to me... love the geese reflections.

  2. Your post sounds so peaceful. Hope you have a great week and the the fibromylgia gives you some rest

  3. What a beautiful backyard view! I know what you mean about plans being weather dependent and it all being different sometimes in the same day. Hope you have a wonderful week and the weather cooperates with whatever plans you make.

  4. Really enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing! Living with an Auto Immune Disease is no fun! Praying for you... I am glad you have found what works for you!visiting the pioneer woman lodge and mercantile sounds amazing! Praying you have a blessed week.

  5. Those cinnamon rolls look really good! Love the Katharine Hepburn quote too. Have a GREAT week.

  6. What a beautiful backyard view you have! I'm wanting to get over to Pawhuska, too, to visit the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. Visited the Osage Museum there a few years ago, but didn't find out until a year or so later that, while we were there, we were within five miles of it. Arrghhh! Have a blessed week ahead! And Happy Spring! <3

  7. i love day trips, perhaps more than a trip around the world!!

    i planted potatoes a few years ago. i got zip, zero, nada, it was a huge disappointment!!

    sad that is this day and age, people have to live with have a lovely view to help keep your mind off it. and the lucky socks!!!!


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