Friday, January 19, 2018

Quiet Conversations

I awoke this morning to darkness. The quiet of the early morning is my favorite time of day. It is when I hear You the most. My senses are slow to wake, as they gradually form my perspective of this new day. You are present, in the sound, smell and feel of my morning.

out my window - unfiltered

I am blessed with that first sip of hot coffee, and I take in the smell, the aroma of a fresh new day reminding me of how glorious this day will be. My moves may be small, but everything I do is significant to you. I remind myself of just how loved I feel at this moment. Breathe, knowing that all is okay, all is right. All is in place as You want it to be.

I light my candle and take a few moments to remember those who are in need and hurting. I will remember their need several more times during my day and lift them up to You. I know You will comfort their pain, give them strength, heal their bodies and lift up their spirits in peace that only You can give.

out my window - unfiltered

I feed Kitty, she purrs and gives me all of her attention. Her needs are few and her morning attention to me is simple and pure. She has no expectations, she is happy in this moment, happy waiting her turn. She is excited and content.

In my window Kitty - unfiltered

I set my coffee down, turn on a small lamp and face the east. I start to move, one movement at a time, focusing on my breathing. It hurts, but I will not quit. I must do the work.  This is my journey in life and I feel grateful for a fresh new day.

I start my stretching and rotating of these painful joints. With Your guidance, I take control. I move and bend, giving the pain and stiffness to You to carry. I take deep breaths, trying not to cough, knowing you will provide. I flourish in the sunlight of your attention, and feel this warmth, this strength flowing into my body. I am strong. I am disciplined. I am committed.

out my window - unfiltered

I turn, rotate and become aware of how warm I am on this cold day. I turn again, seeing the beauty of the pink sunrise out the window. My eyes rejoice.

I bend this knee, then that knee, ever mindful of the blessing of healers dedicated to making my body all it can be. I ask You to take the pain away, to heal these bones, these muscles, this mind.

I raise my hands to the stars, imagining the blood of Your son flowing over me, to cover me, shield me, and energize me. I am forgiven. I have eternal life.

I bow, bending over, more, and even more. I feel those muscles and bones bend and stretch. I am here, as I imagine I am washing the feet of Jesus. I raise, and reach in praise of your divine almighty. I bend again, wrapping my hands around my ankles, surrendering completely. I breathe deep.

out my window - unfiltered

I reach up again, rising in complete gratitude for all the Glory I have been given, will receive, want and need. This is Your day, one You have made and I will rejoice in it.

I am ready.

I am prepared to live my best, to be happy, to be motivated, energized, and to feel all that You have for me on this day.  I declare this day with intention and purpose.



  1. this is absolutely one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever read or seen or heard. the views from your window are perfect. I felt your praises as i read them

  2. I am in awe of this piece of writing you have done. It was certainly inspired beyond what you ever imagined it would be. I am saving a link to this so I can come back and revisit it when I need. I, too, struggle in the morning to move and sometimes feel it would be easier to crawl back under the covers, curl into a fetal position, and give over to the pain...but then, like you, I pull myself up by the boot straps and push forward.
    God bless you- xo Diana

  3. This prayer thrills my heart. You say what's inside of me. Thank you.
    Sue of photowannabe

  4. Beautiful. I agree with your prayer for the blood of Jesus to wash over you. I ask God for healing in Jesus' name.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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