Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Give Thanks: My Perfect Table

When I close my eyes...

I picture my perfect Thanksgiving Table.

It is beautifully set, very big, filled with food and surrounded by family.

When my daughter was little, we always had both sides of our family to our home. I would wake at 2am and start the turkey, then on to making pies, and rolls, and the veggies. Then to the table settings, and lots and lots of dish washing, all by hand. I would put a borrowed card table next to my dining room table so that we could all sit together. But that didn't matter, it was a perfect table.

22 years later when we moved to Gatlin Court, I was blessed with a large formal dining room. I could set my table days in advance, and I had a dishwasher, still my favorite appliance, to help with the clean up. Gatlin Court was a big house, so Thanksgiving Day was always Thanksgiving Days, family came early and stayed till Sunday morning. That Thanksgiving table was busy, it fed us breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, then turned into a game table at night. Not only was that table a perfect table, it was in a perfect house, one filled with people all year long.

I am so grateful for all those years.
I am grateful for a year of rest, time to reflect and time to heal.
I am also grateful for my forgiveness, family, friends, food, and natures beauty.

I built this year's Thanksgiving table from things around my home. I wanted each piece to reflect my gratitude for just some of the many blessings that I have received.

I began with my husband's Bible from his childhood. It was most important, and I wanted it laid open to the 23rd Psalm. I then added the ceramic pumpkins purchased on a mother/daughter shopping trip to Hobby Lobby three years ago. Next was a sunflower stem to represent natures beauty.  Then a candle filled with corn and beans to represent food for our family, and a flame to show my gratitude for a safe, warm home. I walked around my home and found a few smaller photos of good times with family and friends, some whom have passed. I also found this crystal plaque given to me from a dear friend reminding me of the importance of celebrating our friendships. I then laid some of my written prayers from my prayer jar across the bottom of the Bible. I felt this represented my need for all of the above, and my faith in prayer.

This is this year's perfect table.

I give Thanks for so much.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit and that your coming days will be filled with joy.

I am so grateful to be a part of the 
Give Thanks Tablescape blog tour. 
This is my first one and I am so excited. 
Katherine over at 
has so givingly sponsored this tour 
and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU 
to her for her help and assistance. 
I love her blog! 
Hop over there and enjoy!


  1. I love your thoughtful touches! The Bible is a wonderful and I love your tablecloth! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. The sentiment of this table is absolutely a beautiful touch.Thank you so much for being part of my tour. Big Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving ( Pinned!)

  3. Pretty table - and so much to be grateful for!

  4. so many beautiful memories and your table is perfect this year. happy thanksgiving.

  5. Beautiful. Your thoughts were expressed beautifully.
    :) gwingal

  6. How beautiful! I love how each accessorry has a personally special meaning. Happy Thanksgiving!....Christine

  7. What a beautiful table filled with such sweet memories. Your tablecloth is gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. I love that you used something special for your table. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. The sweet memories you represented on your table make it very special. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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