Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandy
over at
Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

Welcome to my blog, Gee Dazee,
named after a little lady named Grandma Daisy.

Outside my window:
It has been a beautiful fall day, it was a cloudy morning with steam rising from the pond, a partly sunny afternoon and a yellow sun setting as I write now.

My back yard.

Looking around the house:
I see cat toys scattered across the floor and flour dust on the cabinet from baking pie crust cinnamon rolls for my mom and brother this morning.

I'm listening:
to the evening weather on one of our local tv stations. We recently changed to a new cable/internet providers. We are enjoying checking out lots of  new channels.

My menu this week:
will include a Salad. And coffee with my new creamer International Delight Caramel. The cat will eat well with many different flavors of her food. As you can see, I have no plan this week.

We are traveling for a couple of days and our allergies have been so bad, we just aren't hungry. We did make it to the store today for necessities like cat food and coffee creamer.

On my to do list:
Have some fun. No big projects this week. The house is still pretty clean, laundry is done (at least for today), and the flower and garden beds are ready for winter. We will travel a couple of days this week and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

I'll be sending out some cards this week to some dear friends, hoping to make them smile and remind them how important they are to me. One is for a 20th wedding anniversary, and the other a thank you to a dear friend, we also have a birthday coming up this next week.

I do plan to spend one day shopping and having lunch with a girlfriend. We are planning on going to a few mexican grocery stores and perhaps the Amish Store to stock up on some delicious items to be given for Christmas Party Gifts. Their pickled beets are delicious.

On my mind:
Pain, this past week I've had a flair and my joints are not happy. Sleep has been interrupted, if at all. I know it will get better and I am grateful for the time to slow down.

Does anyone know how Claudia over at Claudias page is doing? I have prayed for her and I am hoping that she has found comfort and strength.

I'm using ipiccy for my photos right now, the free version. I miss Picmonkey but it was so slow. Maybe I will eventually figure out how to fix that and I can return. But for now, ipiccy is doing fine.  I also have done some fun things in Pizap, they have some great clip art.

From my camera:

Friends celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.
Sunset in my front yard.

Thank you for coming by!


  1. Love your photos! I love finding new blogs to follow through this linky party! Nice to meet you!

  2. The wonderful array of colour of those leaves were a real delight, such beauty. Sorry to hear of your pain hope you feel better soon.

  3. Thank you for coming by! Our backyard is very big and thehubs works hard at keeping it looking nice. I will be better, it comes and goes!

  4. as always you have been really busy, sorry for the pain you are feeling, hope you feel better soon. I had lunch with a girl friend yesterday, we did a four hour visit to Ringling museum and ate in the café, Saturday I had lunch with two long time friends from Savannah, met them at the Cracker barrel.

    1. Sandra, happy to hear you are getting to visit, old friends are the best. I love Cracker Barrel, when we travel it is my favorite place to stop and eat (chicken fried chicken yum!). Glad you came by. I showed my friend Arla your blog. She is a great photographer and fell in love with your photos.


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