Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lost... any thoughts?

I have felt lost for a while now. 
I was fine and then I wasn't.

I became scared at sharing my thoughts on the internet.
I discovered several new people were following me and when I checked them out it was a sex site. I blocked them immediately. I started checking my instagram, which I love, and the same thing was happening. I blocked them too, one right after the other.

 I got friend requests from several "Captain So and So" so I blocked them too.

I became fearful of my thoughts and photos being used for purposes other than making friends.

A friend suggested deleting my google+ account so I did.
But the biggest predator was instagram.
I reset my settings on facebook.
I changed all of my passwords.
Then I sat back and waited and the "so called followers" slowed down but didn't stop.

So, I stopped sharing all together.

I miss it so.

This is where I flush my brain, my emotions, my thoughts.
Writing cleanses me and opens new paths for new thoughts.
I am always thankful for the ability to write a story, a thought,
or to share a photo, an experience, or a quote.

I need it.
I want it back.

So I am asking for some of your thoughts on this subject.

There are many blogs that I love that never show a picture of themselves, or a picture of the outside of their home, or any family members. These blogs are filled with photos of things, mixed with their thoughts. Have the writers also experienced an invasion of traffic they do not want?

Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences
you wish to share are welcome.
Thank you!

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  1. We are all subject to followers/subjects that we do not want. You just have to weed those out and press on.

  2. It is interesting that I have received this in my inbox today on this particular topic. This morning, before I left for work, I closed my FB account, my Pinterest account, my Instagram account, my Google+ account, my YouTube account, and my DailyBreak account. My reason is a bit different, but after approximately 12 years spent on various forms of social media, it was time. I felt overwhelmed by all the sin in the world; story after story about women intentionally getting pregnant and then having abortions so that they could bond with the "sisterhood"; stories of pedophiles from all corners of the earth getting away with their crimes, stories of debasement, perversion, mutilation and mayhem. I just couldn't take it anymore. I just can't process any more of it. I am trying to raise three children of GOD (ages 11, 10, and 9) in this world (along with my husband of course), and I feel like we are all swimming upstream. I feel like there isn't enough time in this world to do the right thing as it is, much less while being pulled by social media in all directions, so I am choosing to narrow my scope and focus on what's in front of me. Some will say that sticking my head in the sand won't solve anything. Maybe so, but what I have been doing isn't working either, so it's worth a try. A "Be In The World, But Not Of It" approach I guess....

  3. I have never had a follower I did not choose on FB, so I am wondering if you accept followers you don't know. i am trying to understand about that but i only do blog and FB not the other sites so don't know about them. i read Swebs comment and have never seen any of that on my FB or blogs. I don't understand it. unless you were hacked not sure. i am trying to think what i would do if it happened to me. i love blogging, but i only choose the close friends about 20 plus and no strangers and i only do FB family/close friends. what you told here is scary for sure.

  4. I haven't experienced this yet with google, instagram or facebook. I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog, and I only accept people on facebook that I know as friends or blogging buddies. As for instagram- I haven't yet made my account private, but I block anyone who starts following me that seems iffy. I don't pay much attention to google + but I don't post much of anything there, just use it so I can have a blogger account. I hope you can shut down all the bad people, because blogging is fun and I have met so many nice people out there who share my interests.

  5. PS- I am a new follower and I promise you I am not a wierdo. LOL!

  6. I read this last night and came back to comment on my laptop. First of all - I have missed you!
    I have not had anything like this happen to me....and I hope it never does. My daughter has had a lot of things happen up to someone stealing her identity and photos and creating Facebook Accounts and Blogs impersonating her. I can't even imagine. So it's little wonder she is a bit paranoid and seldom blogs anymore. She also requests I watermark every photo of her and the quads. I have Pinterest and Instagram but am not an active user. No Google + for me either. I do have YOU tube videos out there but I can't imagine anyone wanting to do something with that!
    I notice you have 43 followers so I'm guessing you can tell who they are. I only have 202 and I may need to go in and see if I can tell who is following. There are many who never comment and that's okay. I would be so distraught without the network of friends who are as close as family to me. They encouarge me dark times and pray for me and I for them. We are like the old time Round Robin letters. I hope you feel confident enough to stay here in Blogland.

  7. Well, this is a good question. Me and the girls don't put many pictures of us on our blog, and I definitely am cautious with telling details about my life. I don't have google plus, and I'm not on facebook or Instagram. So I guess the more sites you're on, the easier it is to get strange people coming through. I wouldn't stop writing, cause we all have a story to tell, and I think you're doing everything you can.



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