Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Out my window... babies!

It was misting a cool rain when I got up this morning. Mother Nature has been good to us for sometime now. We have been wet, but the soil is moist and our trees and flowers are growing. We had been in a drought for a couple of years and it is over now. Our pond is beautiful, lots of baby fish, big fat frogs, mud hens, blue herons  and baby northern geese, are living here full time.

Thehubs has been busy mowing, trimming trees, helping me redo all of our flower beds, washing all of the windows, siding and soffits. Yesterday he laid out the design and broke ground on our new sidewalk that will run around the south side of our home. I will soon be able to walk completely around our home in my white cotton socks (I love and live in those socks!).  He is so handy to have around and I love him so.

We are feeding the geese, blue birds, cardinals, woodpeckers, killdeers, and many more birds.  They are going through a 40lb bag of corn chops each week. We also have a feeder for the songbirds that like to eat finch food.  It is a twice daily routine and so worth the expense and efforts.

You can see another project with landscaping blocks in the above photos, a new flowerbed for our Iris's. We needed to wait until they were done blooming before we dig them up and move them out there.  Our back yard is over an acre all by itself so it takes a lot of landscaping to fill it in.  He has planted 12 trees in the past few years out there, built a firepit, put up birdfeeders, bird baths, and planted several bushes. He loves it out there!

our favorite time of year and even though this one has been wet, 
it has been truly beautiful. 

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  1. beautiful post, I love your porch and your view. wow.. and those babies are just to cute for words... so is hubby LOL

    1. Hello Sandra! We love our Misters! The boys are opening the pool today and I always think of you and Bob when we do!

  2. You are certainly blessed living in such a beautiful setting, you and your husbands hard work really is worth it. Loved seeing the babies.

    1. Thank you mamasmercantile! We live about 9 miles from the nearest city, our small town has one 4 way stop, if we meet a car there, we call it a traffic jam! At night we sit on our patio and we can hear a car coming as far away as 2-3 miles then we wait to see who it is. Country life, we love it!

  3. Hi Dazee, thanks so much for coming by to visit, didn't realize you used to live so close. We're in a subdivision just off S National and Weaver Road. Did you survive all the storms and wind last night? gosh, it was horrible!


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