Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wow, that was an adventure!

I survived a plane crash. 

The turbulence was terrible on this flight. I was seated on Row 29 on a flight into Nashville when the plane dipped, and a deafening explosion rocked the back of the Airbus. My shoulder slammed against the seat as the plane skidded for several seconds as the pilot tried to save us. Baggage tumbled, the air smelled like smoke and burning plastic. The woman in the middle seat clutched my forearm. "I think he is dead. The man next to me. He's dead" she said.

Lisa Harris is an amazing writer, and this is the first book written by her that I have read.  I felt that I was her, Nikki Boyd, the main character in this fast action book filled with twists and turns. I love a book that opens up my imagination and allows me to close my eyes and picture myself as that character, this book did just that. I felt her every move, her every thought, and even her pain and frustration. Ms. Harris is a great story teller, every word on every page was easily absorbed, creating a picture in my mind of each place, person and situation Nikki Boyd found herself in. I couldn't put this book down.

Nikki Boyd is sitting next to a woman on this plane that holds the key to this entire mystery. Only she disappears right after the plane crash leaving behind a broken bracelet that Nikki finds. This bracelet is the first in a mystery that even the FBI can't figure out. Nikki also has a personal love story, a missing sister, and and a determination that is unmatched. Just as I thought I had the answer, a new twist, including a prison kidnapping would change my mind, I would find myself starting over trying to help Nikki solve this case and find this woman. So many times, I felt like I was there beside her and as determined as she was.  I don't want to go into detail about this story, because unraveling this story is the real pleasure of this book. It is fast, as this story takes place in only 48 hours.

Pursued - The Nikki Boyd Files is the third on the Nikki Boyd Files series. 

It is published by Revelle, a division of Baker Publishing so I knew it would be a well made book, one that I would enjoy holding in my hands, feeling every page. Revelle is a great publisher and I am a big fan of their books. This book is categorized as Fiction, Romantic Suspense. You will find no bad words, no vulgarity. Another reason why I am a fan of Revelle.

The type is larger than most and the spacing is wide enough that it is a very good quality book, even though it is a paper book, the cover is embossed, sturdy and beautiful. The quality of paper and binding makes this book a great gift.

You can learn more about Lisa Harris, the author on her website 

Her books are available in ebooks, bookstores and on-line.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Thank you for stopping by. I have been away for a while and missing my blog and my blogging buddies terribly. My own life is a mixture of trials, both physical and mental, with a strong emphasis on the physical lately. My journey is constant learning, overcoming and trying to stay focused. I will share more of that later.

Disclosure: I enjoy reading!  I always have and always will! My review of this book is just that, my own opinion of how I liked or disliked this book. I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my review. However, all opinions and summaries expressed are my own, without any influence, and are copyright protected.


  1. Reading is my number one favorite pastime and I read every single day of my life unless I'm sick. This book sounds like one I would love will be checking her out

  2. I too love to read but sadly unpacking boxes and organizing our new home is taking priority.

  3. O my I first thought it was you.. I was like omg then I realized it was a book... sounds like a wonderfully i teresting book.. Happy late resurrection/Easter, with love Janice

  4. WoW!! this pulled me right in - i, for sure, felt like you had escaped death. sounds like a GREAT read!!! i hope you are ok, it sounds like you are climbing a mountain!!


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