Saturday, March 11, 2017

time for change...

Here I sit with a cup of hot raspberry tea with lemon and honey,
all alone, listening to nothing.

Grateful for time, time to think, time to reflect
 to see myself in the mirror of this life.

Time is so precious,
and I know it.

Yet I waste so much of it, 

I am stronger than I think I am.

I am smarter than I think I am.

I found the answer.
I wondered why I wasn't getting better,
frustrated with no answers, only worsening symptoms.
I found it, all by myself, partly by elimination,
 by tracking and analyzing everything I put in my mouth.
Today there is improvement, the swelling is better,
the blisters are better, the fatigue is better.

I feel stronger.


  1. the one that starts smart girls are the over thinkers is me, there is not one thing there that I do not do every day. not sure that makes me smart, I wish I could stop doing it.. so glad you found what is causing your problem.

    1. Thank you Sandra, you are such an encourager! I have been eliminating things, one day it is better, the next day it is not. A scientific roller coaster of questions and answers, now it is time for results!

  2. I love having some alone time. I waste time too. Glad you feel stronger. I have found my own answer to symptoms in the past and even surprised my doctor once.

    1. Thank you Debbie! I know you fight a battle too. I get a little better then it gets worse, just can't seem to figure it out. I am finding out that I can do without. Our pin oak trees are pollinating so that may be it.

  3. define wasting time?? rest, relax - sometimes that is what we need!!

    i am glad you are feeling better, stronger - you will be back to your busy self soon!!

  4. I think alone time is not only good for us, but necessary. It lets us think, pray, imagine, listen, and hear.

    I hope you're feeling better.



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