Wednesday, March 8, 2017

thrush sucks...

I hate it, and it hates me.

I have had a terrible cold for the past two weeks. Thehubs has stayed so far away from me I can barely see him. Not sure he wants to see me either though. I have been walking around with a walmart sack tied to my elbow and a box of Puffs with lotion tucked in my other one.  All dressed up in my old lady pink robe, white cotton socks and black house shoes.

I am quite the pretty girl.

This whole time I have been telling myself that it will be over soon, the COMMON cold only lasts 10- 14 days so I am halfway there, then I was over half way there, then almost there...

I woke up Saturday with a tongue that looked like a bowl of cottage cheese. Oh and that's not all, it also came with a split right down the middle, blisters on the back of my throat, sores under my tongue and a bloody nose.


Quickly I got on the internet and started googling.

Who gets Thrush? Well, I did. I had it only once before, about 26 years ago, during a 2 month hospital stay while Ulcerative Colitis was trying to kill me. I was taking multitudes of intravenous drugs, some experimental, fighting for my life. I also got bed sores, a collapsed lung, lost 40 pounds, a tooth and my hair. Then they took my colon out.

I also had a pink house coat, 
white cotton socks and black house shoes. 
I was a pretty girl then too.

You may have detected a bit of a bad attitude here. Uh huh, you might have. Okay, I own it, it's bad and not getting any better as of this afternoon.  We got up early to head the 90 miles to the big town to the pain center for a steroid shot to help ease the pain in my two herniated discs. I have waited almost two months for this appointment and some relief. I skipped my morning coffee, lunch, went without anything to drink or eat until 2:30pm. Then... They sent me home without the shot because I have Thrush.

Thrush sucks.
Big time.

THRUSH:  It’s an infection caused by the candidafungus, which is yeast. You can get it in your mouth and other parts of the body. Anyone can get thrush, but it happens most often to babies and toddlers, older adults, and people with weakened immune systems.

I think I will go to bed, alone, again.

I could use some prayers and
you might even add one for thehubs.
He may need them.


  1. oh how terrible but your presentation was A+, good that you are trying to keep a sense of humor!!

    and i feel for the hubs. mine always cares for me during my MS attacks and boy oh boy, he does not get near the sympathy he deserves!!!

  2. i will keep you in my positive thoughts!! xo

  3. Saying a prayer for you, dear. : )



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