Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Black and white memories...

What makes me smile?

My 5th grade class photo.
I am the last one to the right on the second row,
right in front of Mr. Weaver, one of my favorite teachers.
Mr. Weaver taught both 4th and 5th grades in one room,
here we are together for our class photo.

As you can see I had a broken ankle, caused by
going too fast down a hill, with my best friend on the handle bars.

Our small rural school 
where I went all through grade school.

A collage of both cousins, myself and friends.
The bottom photo is my first grade photo.
I was taught first grade by the same teacher who
taught first grade to my father and older brothers.
I remember Mrs. Warren, she was also
our neighbor and my Sunday School Teacher.
She also gave out homemade popcorn balls on Halloween.

Do you remember your first grade photo?


  1. my first grade photo looks a lot like the one on the right corner with bow in hair. very similar. when I was in 4,5 and 6 grade I went to a two room school and the 6 grades were 3 in each room. my 5th grade class had 5 in it me and 4 boys... in all 6 grades in that school there were not as many as in your class here... also we had outside plumbing, as in a well with a pump and an outhouse with two sides built on the edge of a rushing creek. also I really did have to walk up a steep mountain trail and down the other side in the snow to get to school and back home.

    1. Sandra, I bet yo had to be pretty tough to be the only girl in your class! Up a steep mountain trail and down the other side in the snow? How times have changed, today you could sue somebody over that. lol We didn't know we were poor back then, nobody had labels on their clothes, most of us wore hand me downs that were hand made. And we only watched tv on Saturday nights!

  2. These black and white photos are delightful. Yes, I remember my second grade picture, I wore red. Your first grade photo is darling, Dazee.


    1. Thank you Sheri! And thank you for coming by to visit. I am having a lot of fun getting back to blogging, it is helping me find my joy again. I would love to see your picture!

  3. We are having a good sort out due to a move that we have dreamed of. So we are sorting though a lot of photos and certificates at the moment, such a joy.

  4. Hello there! Thank you for coming by, I popped over and visited your blog! You have amazing talents! My mom is very crafty, she can make anything. Me, not so much. But I do try and we enjoy our time together. My grandma made everything, she was a beautiful seamstress. But now that we are retiring (again) I hope I find a talent that I am good at!


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