Thursday, January 21, 2016

What? Change the name?

On March 3, 2013, at 7:04 am in the morning, I created my blog. 

At first it was just a fun adventure, a place to store my writings, share my feelings, and journal about my experiences and thoughts.  

I loved learning. What a wonderful adventure Blogger opened for me. I would learn to publish, create, work with photos, type and graphics, add buttons and experiment with layout and design, my one and only consecutive hobby.  I learned about Picmonkey and Pizap from Sandra, I learned about sharing and being unafraid from Linda, I traveled with Debbie, and felt courage and endurance from Scribbler.  The journey was fun, relaxing and exhilarating.

I didn't care who I was in blogland,
I was just me, a learning chameleon,
growing from each new friend.

Then came the doubts... I must do better.  My blog must be more. I needed to choose my place in blogland and meet others expectations, follow regularly, comment regularly, my photos had to be perfect, thinking that my blog posts had to be planned and executed to the precision of a magazine article worthy of a mass media production.

It became a job.
I lost my way.
I lost my
"undemanded unpurpose".

Then, the everyday outside world demanded more and more of my time. Oh it was to be a temporary life situation, but the next 12 months are looking the same as the last twelve. I watched as my health deteriorated. Perhaps, I thought, my situation may not change, but my time was still mine to own, to make it what I want it to be. This included my blog.

So if you follow my blog, or follow me, or just happen by you will see some changes happening.  Not sure what they will be, or where this will take me, or where I will end up.  A brand new adventure is about to begin with no rules, no expectations, or even a destination.

formerly Dazee

My first blog post on March 3, 2013 at 7:04am:

Today is my beginning, my new journal to myself. I will borrow, beg, plead, appreciate and post items that make me happy, lift me up and keep me moving in a positive direction. I will include MUSIC, ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, QUOTES, RECIPES and anything else that makes me smile each day. I will address subjects that are laying heavy on my mind, my dreams, my hopes, and my losses.

Dear self, this is a new beginning in my journal writing. I have written journal entries in the past. They are scattered about, in many different places. They are unorganized,and not easy to find. Some are positive, some are negative and some don't make any sense.


  1. I am smiling because i have said this very same thing several times to blog friends who have agreed they feel the same way. figure out what is good for you and enjoy it. i had to cut back on my comments, i was spending 4 hours a day just commenting. I now do about 20 per day... try different things and do what you want to do ... that is hard, i know that because i to suffer from this very same blog malady.

    1. Thank you my wise and dear friend, I wanted to be so much and lost who I was along the journey. Accepting limitations, then setting those limitations is hard, one of life's lessons we repeat over and over, because we care and are passionate about the destination, but forgetting that it's the journey that is the destination. I miss my blogging friends so much, each one inspires me, encourages me, and makes me feel a part of so much more still to be discovered. I am so happy that you hung in there with me Sandra, we still have so much to learn!

  2. I say 'GOOD FOR YOU!!!' Your blog is YOUR blog and never lose sight of that! There's a million different blogs out there with different themes and purposes. There's only ONE 'you' and I love visiting and sharing with you here. It's a wonderful thing to share your thoughts and dreams and even challenges and fears at times. I applaud you finding your own path through the World of Blog and I will follow you on it!!!
    Never make your blog a JOB or WORK! That's not its purpose - write from your heart and you will not go wrong!
    Love and prayers and please, keep writing!!! You have things to say!!

  3. I agree with both the commenters above and can honestly say I've felt the same way many times over my years as a blogger-- Everything changes and so does our approach... and time spent... blogging. I'm sure you've seen a lot of bloggers drop off and/or switch to Facebook or Instagram too.

    So just have fun and do what makes you feel good!

  4. Life changes. We change. Situations change. I enjoy reading about whatever you're in the mood to share. I often say that blogging is my therapy and at times it really has been. Whatever you want your blog to be is what it should be. I'll be watching. . .

  5. I think we all have to do what makes us happy with our blog. Here's to a new change for you! I hope the new year holds much happiness in your every day life and your blog life.


  6. awwwww, i hope you find your sweet spot!!! i just write, seems i have a lot to say. i love my blog....the story of my life, plain and simple. it was so nice to see you today!!!

  7. I have gone through some of that lately. I started blogging with no expectations but then got hooked and started writing more for others and less for myself. And the more I did that, the more stressful writing become. I finally just stopped for about 2 years. But I find lots of joy in writing and so I have decided to just let my blog take me where it will. And the joy is coming back! Good luck on your journey. Glad to take it with you!!


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