Sunday, April 5, 2015

Around the house...

A few shots of my morning.

This Foggy Easter Morning Sunrise

This morning the mud hens arrived.

Out my window I see the color green.

Some bunnies are here for Easter.

A few more bunnies are spotted here and there.

A morning visitor who breaks bird feeders
and loves to eat corn chops.

Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter to you also! Great photos. I get to watch the squirrels wreck havoc in my birdfeeder too.

  2. Happy Easter and i love that sun coming through the trees. so beautiful as are your flowers. and bunnies

  3. What a beautiful view and so many pretty things to look at!!! My kind of place!

  4. What great pictures. Your views are lovely, too.Happy Belated Easter!
    For some reason you are a No Reply blogger now--so--thanks for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. xo Diana

  5. Your foggy morning view is gorgeous!! I love your open window view and the planting on your window sills!!

  6. I don't have your email addy- and you are a No Reply when you leave a comment- just wanted to think you for the last couple of comments and for praying for Kris! xo Diana

  7. Beautiful pictures! And it looks like you had a wonderful Easter. You have a great blog, I'll be by to look around more...thank you so much for your kind visit! :)

    Jane x


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