Sunday, January 25, 2015

Romance?? Intimacy??

I signed up to read

Better Half

Rick Johnson

Thehubs and I will be celebrating our anniversary soon. After 17 years together and the daily needs of family, pets, and careers, sometimes romance can get moved down on our list of priorities. Oh we have tried "date nights", mini-vacations, and quiet nights in front of the fireplace but these special nights were too far apart and most of the time, we were just happy to be alone so we could take a nap.

Rick Johnson's New Book goes beyond date nights. It was a quick read, only 200 pages. Published by Revelle, I knew it would be of good quality paper and binding making it a great gift idea for your spouse. I like Rick Johnson's style of writing, similar to having a conversation, that includes easy to follow ideas and tips for each chapter. This book is a study of marriage, intimacy, internal reflection, and yes, sex.  It is a Christian book written for all ages of married couples.

My favorite chapter was 
"Our Woundedness".

The woundings from our past, sometimes inflicted generations ago, 
cripple our ability to love today, and the only empire we can build is one of
 insecurity, distrust, and self-loathing. Unfortunately, that's what we are now 
seeing in our families and in so many facets of our society." Warwick Marsh

The truth is, your spouse is not responsible for your pain... 
The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development. 
I used to say "If you will take care of me, I will take care of you". 
Now I say, "I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me".

I loved this book.

Romancing Your Better Half is not just about more date nights or more lingerie moments. It is about building romance into your daily habits. 

Get one today at Amazon, Booksamillion, or your favorite bookstore. It is a high quality paperback book with large type and easy to read spacing. Or you can order it for your ereader, kindle, etc.

Disclosure: I enjoy reading! 

I always have and always will! My review of this book is just that, my own opinion of how I liked or disliked this book. I received a free copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my review.

 However, all opinions and summaries expressed are my own, without any influence, and are copyright protected.


  1. The best advice I ever got on marriage was from my grandpa so many years ago...marriage isn't 50/50. Its 100/100. Anything you only half do isn't worth a cent.
    So, going into this marriage, I had this in the back of my mind. Its about doing your best at it. Being your best for someone else, putting yourself aside and looking harder inside to be the person you would want to be with.
    We have been together over 31 years hasn't always been perfect, but we don't bail on the other one, ever. We do it together.

  2. we are on 30 years now and both of us this is our second marriage, we would have been married 55 for me and 60 for him.. we both learned what not to do in the first marriages.

  3. 36 years here and it has always worked for us!! Commitment, compromise and cupcakes, the three c's that make a marriage work ;)

  4. 28 years for us.
    I liked the way you wrote this review.

  5. My hubby and I will be married 42 years this coming August. We've had our ups and downs but always stayed best friends and kept life in balance. Tete is right, it is 100/100.
    Thank you for stopping by and your new following. So nice to meet you and I enjoyed my visit here and a happy new follower too.
    Have a blessed week.
    Hugs, CM

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