Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Lights are Twinkling!

Thehubs is well known around town for his exterior illumination! 
Thehubs decided early on to make this Christmas a red,white and blue holiday in honor of our troops and their families. Just yesterday, a dear friend who lives way out in the country stopped by to tell thehubs that this year's display is even better than last years. 

Front view

Now we live out in the country, on the edge of a small town of only 300+ citizens, down a private lane surrounded by family centered around a small lake. The reflections we see from the water are worth bundling up in our heavy coats and scarfs, hopping into our golf cart with hot chocolate and taking a tour.  

The photo below is the back side of our home being reflected in the lake, no photo editing was necessary.

our back yard

This photo is the four maple trees that surround our three flag poles that face our local county road behind our home.

Our flag poles

This photo is our backyard
as seen from our flag poles. 

Our back and side yard

Yes, thehubs is amazing!  We are so proud of his exterior illumination skills!  This year he has outdone himself.

Our front porch!

to the best partner/friend/husband
I could have ever dreamed of having share my life with me.
I am so proud to be your wife!



  1. that's a really beautiful display, with a little reference to Chevy Chase's Christmas vacation, I think??

    merry Christmas Jackie, I hope you are well!!!!

  2. all sides are beautiful and he did a fantastic job. my favorite part is the lights on the arched window and i love the close up shots of all the pretty things on your porch.

  3. Just beautiful, Dazee Your hubs did an outstanding job. Do you play Christmas music outside, too.
    The water reflections are just gorgeous. It must have been a still, still night without a breeze rippling the water. Lucky you!

    Great post!!!! xo Diana

  4. such wonderful decorations.


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