Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Should I tell anyone about this?

"It is so embarrassing."

I love it when someone I know recommends a product.  That personal referral is better than the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  If a friend has tried it, likes it, then it must be a great product.

By now, you all know that I have been on a quest, a long, draining quest to find a bra that fits, wears great, launders well, is affordable and well, is COMFORTABLE, all day long.

In my earlier years, bras didn't matter that much. My girlfriends joked that all I really needed was two bandaids.  I was thin, frail,  sick a lot and trying to stay above 100 pounds was an effort.

Then I got older.

My dreams of filling out a tank top came true. I graduated from tiny bras to mid size. I enjoyed frilly, pretty bras. Ones with lace and frills, all colors of the rainbow filled my dresser drawer, they were beautiful.

Then I got older.

Those pretty bras started riding up halfway through my day, they got caught up under my arms, and I found myself happy to take them off when I got home from work. Choosing a cotton sports bra for the rest of my evening felt wonderful.

Then I got older.

Thehubs finds this totally confusing.  He says "It is just a bra" when I tell him I need to go in a new store, in a new town and look at their bra selections. I won't repeat my response word for word, but it goes along the lines of suggesting he should wear an underwire around his hanging privates for a full day and then tell me if it matters.

I hope I have fully explained my long, grueling quest to find that perfect fitting, comfortable bra.  Because I found it, about a month ago and you won't believe where and how much I paid for it.

I bought one for $11.98 at Walmart.  It is a sports bra with padding and underwire. I wore it, washed it, wore it, washed it and loved it. I could wear it all day... So I went back and bought four more. My prayers had been answered and I couldn't wait to tell (brag) Kdaughter how much I paid for it. My long, grueling quest for that affordable and comfortable bra had a happy ending.


I just can't get it off at night. I have tried and tried. Each night it got harder to reach, harder to pull off over my head, and I struggled with it, bending into all kinds of positions trying to make it easier to get off. My shoulder began to hurt.

Last night, I had it partially slid off with my neck bent, and my arms swinging above my head. And it wouldn't move, my arm was so sore from pulling, it wouldn't bend anymore. Here I am, stuck with one arm in and one arm out and this giant booby sling wrapped tightly around my back and neck cutting off my air. I pulled and tugged until I felt my shoulder pop.

Where is thehubs, I NEED his help!  What if he is gone, what do I do? I am stuck, it won't go up or down, I can't get it off? I panic! I imagine an urgent conversation with the 911 operator telling her I can't breathe because my bra is stuck and please send help before I lose consciousness. 

Then thehubs walks in... by this time I am in tears, my shoulder is throbbing, help has arrived. 

We wrestle, we tug, we pull, we wrestle some more. I cry some more. He is finally able to pull it off and I can finally take a good breath of air.


These are "his" favorite bras.


The perfect fitting bra
$11.98 at Walmart
*some assistance required

slang terms for bras:
over the shoulder boulder holder 
boobie harness 
hooter harness
hammock for the girls


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  2. hehehe, hysterical BUT I could have written this myself. I just recently went to the bra and curdle factory in Lakewood. I can not reveal my embarrassing!!

    I could have used a fraction of what I have now, when I was a teen.

    happy turkey day!!!!!!

  3. i have hated bras since i was 12 years old... i wear Walmart sport bras and have since the day i retired in 06... i step in mine and step out, but it has a front hook if i got stuck... i still hate bras, but this one i can stand until i get home.

  4. My story is just the same as yours!!! I often complain about 'Boobyitis!!!'

  5. I struggled getting mine on today.....I was hysterical as I remembered this post. The hubs thought I had gone mad!!

  6. Bwahahaha! I just woke up the whole house laughing...oh, am I in trouble.
    I so feel your pain, really I do. With my fibro the best fitting and most comfortable bras are a pain in the arse to get off! My shoulders, my neck...oh, the pain.
    So here is what I do...I cut those silly underwires out! I do it every time! If they could only make a sports bra that unhooked in the back! I have all kinds of bras, hook in the back and sports. I use the sport bras when my back is hurting. They kind of hold my back in as well as the boobies...but I can't get it off by myself! Hubby loves to help, rolling my eyes here. I so can't wait until these things sag enough so I can just tuck them in my socks and go. Loved your post and hope your shoulder heals quickly. Heating pad helps.

  7. I don't know if I should laugh or offer condolenses! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Please drop by!

    Happy Christmas,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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