Thursday, October 30, 2014


The month of October
is almost gone.

We have had so much to watch these past few weeks.

This is our backyard.

Our lake is now cleaned out with a new berm built.  


Here is where I sit, looking out my dining room window. They will be hydro-seeding it sometime next week and then thehubs will be planting trees and bushes.

The excavation crew is also in our front yard building a new pond and using the black dirt to line our new berm on the old lake. We will miss watching them work, but then our work begins.
Trees and bushes to plant, and patios to build.


It's Halloweanie time here in the Ozarks and we are ready to pretend, play and just have fun. Thehubs has his masks that he wears when he chases all of us in our golf carts. In the past I have been a witch, gypsie, cowgirl, and even attempted to be a Michael Jackson one year. I think this year I will be a post-menopausal woman with bad knees... yep, that will be me.

Have fun, act a bit silly and eat some candy!


  1. I LOVE the pics of those bulldozers and all that wonderful dirt.. if that was in my yard i would have gotten nothing done but photos. great shots and let the work begin... i like those 3 ghosts a lot... have a great Halloween... don't scare to many kids with your 'costume' LOL

    1. Thanks Sandra! The weather has been just beautiful for sitting outside watching.

  2. Good for you in seeing progress!!!!
    Loved your photos and the decorations, too!!!
    I will be a witch tomorrow night! And tomorrow DAY! I thought I would dress up when I get Mother from the beauty shop! Bet she will laugh! I HOPE she will laugh!!!
    Happy HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

    1. Have fun Linda! I saw your costume on facebook and you look great! Your Mother will be so surprised! Happy Halloween!

  3. WoW...that's a lot of work they did in your yard!! i love your halloween decorations, they are so fun. i am wearing my happy halloween shirt and my halloween socks ;)

    1. Hi Debbie! I recently went on prednisone again so I don't think I will fit into my halloween shirt this year. It has turned cold overnight, so I think I will wear my black sweats. That is scary!! LOL! Have a FUN 31st!

  4. LOL- you are so funny! I love your halloween decor. Its fun when you have someone in on your property doing things. I loved watching the guys build my deck, but I even like watching the neighbor's getting things done. Have a guy down the street putting siding on this week. If someone pops in with a back hoe, I am out there in my front row seat!

  5. Love your decorations. Also went thru your posts on photography. Love your photos of your ring!!


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