Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Interpretation of Still Life

I procrastinated. 
I kept putting it off.  
I'm not sure why, just did.

Until this morning.

Then I had a deadline, 
a "do it or lose it" situation, 
and it got me charged up and ready.

This month's 
A Personal Photo Challenge
was - Still Life.

What is "Still Life"?

I didn't even know.

I have never studied art or photography. 

So I googled it.

It felt so me.
I would have to control everything,
the light, position, angle, background and subject.

I LIKE control...


The photos below are from the same original,
both edited in Picmonkey.

Love and Marriage

I set up my tripod, positioned the Bible and rings. I brought in a lamp and turned on the over head lights. I even went out to the garage and found 2 LED flashlights to get the sparkle I wanted. I used the food setting on my Nikon Cool Pix and kept moving the flashlights around as I snapped photos playing with sparkles and shadows. In Picmonkey from the basic edits menu, I played around with Exposure settings and also a little sharpening. Then I went to the Effects menu and played with Focal Soften and Frost. It was fun seeing what all of the features do.

Rings and Scripture

Same photo, only in Picmonkey, from the Effects menu, I played around with Black and White, Radiance, and the HDR features.

I had fun doing this project!

As life goes...
Life here in Southwest Missouri has been filled with Fall Festivals, cooler weather and rain. Our little community out here in the country is going through some changes. We have had lots of conversation about how and where we want the changes to happen. That is one thing we do well, working together.  My brain has been in a fog lately and when I sat down at my laptop to write, there was nothing there. My writing was empty. A change in medication is some to blame and I am still working on that. Since my neck surgery I am happy to say I haven't needed it!


  1. I love your still life.....when I think of still life I think of fruit. LOL This is much better! I am not sure which one I prefer. Maybe some day I will play with my photos.

  2. fantastic. the second is my choice. love it... and both rings are stunning...

  3. Excellent! I really like what you did with the second photo.

  4. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and following. Happy to "meet" you. I love your still life (and the action photos in previous post). I am impressed at how much you did, and what great insight you had to make the ring sparkle as it does. It looks so nice (and still, affirming that it's going nowhere" but where it belongs--joining a man and woman together.

  5. I really like this idea...the rings and Scripture! How pretty the photos are! :)

  6. It sounds like you had fun with this one!

  7. Well, you must work well under the gun, because this last minute photo shoot was a home run! Beautiful composition, focus, lighting, and editing. Control is clearly your thing, LOL! Thanks for joining in on the photo challenge, and I hope you continue to participate in the months ahead.

  8. Hi Dazee! The photos of your wedding rings are just lovely...and what a great idea for a still life! You did a great job editing them with the different effects. Thanks for following me and I have done the same! Great to meet you looking forward to future posts. Hope you are having great weekend!

  9. You really put together a beautiful vignette for this challenge. And I love the effects of each of the photos. Very nice for the challenge! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. That is a great still life. You really put some effort into it and it came out beautifully. It's nice to see the 'before' photo as well. Pam

  11. You nailed it, this so much.

  12. Beautiful work on the still life!!! I hope you print and frame it!!

  13. A wonderful interpretation of this challenge...I love it!

  14. Rings are a great subject for this challenge. Love the background of Scripture. Your edited photo is lovely, as is the original.


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