Monday, September 29, 2014

Goodbye September... in motion!

"The difficulties of life are 
meant to make us better,
not bitter."
 John C. Maxwell

This past month has been a blurr... I am so glad it is over and the change of the season is finally here. Our days have been just beautiful for about a week now. October is just around the corner and I will dance on it's first day, yes I will, I promised myself.  

I am going to borrow an idea from Linda over at LINDA'S LIFE JOURNAL  and light a special candle, play some special music, and just CELEBRATE! I will probably bake a cake, make a pot of stew and some homemade rolls. That is my favorite kind of day.

For today, I want to join in on a photo challenge

This months challenge is "movement". 
This past month I did not have time to go out 
and look for movement so
I found some photos in my photo library 
that I had taken over the summer.

Below is my attempt/try at
"Movement" with my camera.


Rain, during a passing morning  early spring, 
looking out our front door.  
Then edited in picmonkey (cropped, back edges applied).


Our just-turned-2-years-old grandson running to his
Papa's tractor. Edited in Picmonkey.


A day at the Lake, looking back from our boat on a sunny day.
Edited in Picmonkey, many times, and had a ball playing with some new Picmonkey features. 

For info on Picmonkey go to
It is free but I pay a yearly fee to be able to use their upgraded features. It makes me happy when I work/play with it!
I do so enjoy the monthly photo challenge!


I have so much to be grateful for in my little world.
Thanks for coming by!


As life goes...
Doctor thinks he got all of my Mother's cancerous tumor removed; thehubs 2 year cancer checkup found no cancer; the EPA has totally cleaned up the acre across the street and taken many, many soil tests to ease our minds; I am still wearing my "bone growth stimulator machine" after disc replacement surgery and am feeling great. Prayers are answered!


  1. I love your idea about celebrating October! Wishing you a month of all your favorite things! Your photos were awesome ! Love the rain......

    1. Isn't today just a BEAUTIFUL day? Thanks for your encouragement Linda!

  2. Love your photos. I use picmonkey every day! So nice to hear that all 3 of you are doing great and that something is being done to clean up the contamination you have been living with. I am so ready for October...the color has started coming here. Just 2 more days of the 80s and then we get 60s and 70s again! My favorite kind of days.

    1. Thank you Tete! The EPA has been hard to work with but they are working hard to get things tested and then taken care of. I have learned a lot about our local history and even more chemistry since they got here! That's for sure! Yea for October!

  3. glad to hear all the three positive health reports.. i am addicted to picmonkey, there is rarely a day i don't go in it many times. i love love love it and it is well worth the 33 per year.. you did the movement theme perfectly, all 3 are great examples.. love the rain...Oct 1 is my hubby's 78th birthday and the anniversary of our first kiss when he was 48...

    1. Hi Sandra, please tell Bob I said Happy Birthday! and wishes for many more! How romantic to have your first kiss on his birthday. Thank you for your guidance with my photos, i am having a good time learning my new camera. I don't take as many blurry pictures as I use to!! LOL

  4. this is my absolute favorite time of year!! i adore fall, pumpkins, mums and apple cider donuts!! i love to stay home, hunker down and make comfort food!!

    WoW...the health angels sure are sitting on everyones shoulders!!!

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for stopping by, I love your blog! Yes, the health angels came back to visit once again. Thehubs just hit two years cancer free, so we are feeling so grateful! I am ready to eat some crock pot dinners now that it is getting cooler!

  5. Dear sweet sister friend, I am so thrilled to hear the good news on the health of you and your family.
    I love your movement photos...and I wish my little grandboys were still 2. bwaaaaa
    They were so cute and they are STILL cute.
    hugs, bj

    1. Hi Bj, i missed the deadline to submit my photos to the challenge but I wanted to share them anyway. Some days, weeks, months (??) are just too busy, sometimes things just have to be put on hold until other things get done. I have popped over to look at some and they are amazing, so many ideas and interpretations! Love it!

  6. Oh, I missed this post because it was published too late for the second Sat. in September. But I'm glad to see it now! These are all terrific examples of movement, and I especially love the second one. Those little ones sure can move in the hurry!


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