Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doing nothing...

"The trouble with doing nothing,
 is that you never know when you are finished". unknown author

The month of July went by too fast for me. It began with a week long cousin family reunion, then several birthdays, a beautiful wedding, our annual 4th of July bash, Kdaughters enormous garage sale and their move back to the city they love. 

We came home a few days ago and I have done "nothing" since. I have enjoyed a few afternoon lifetime movies, some simple meals on paper plates and bubble baths.

Sometimes nothing
is a good thing to do!

We spent a week in Little Rock the last part of June for thehubs cancer treatments. Each day, we picked a direction (east, west, north, and south) and drove around looking for flea markets, mom and pop stores, and cafes. We met so many nice people, enjoyed quaint shops in small towns as we drifted from place to place.  

I filled our trunk with treasures
of both the "necessity" kind
and the "just have some fun with" kind.

I kept with my usual $100 budget, not bad for a 6 day shopping trip in the city!  After we arrived home, we unloaded the trunk and I put it all on the living room ottoman. I suddenly realized just how much there was, feeling partly excited about the new decorating and craft adventures ahead of me and partly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had brought home. 

There are new curtains for the guest room (from Pottery Barn, only $10), two silver trays that I had been wanting for so, so long (a bargain for $15), a wire basket filled with spheres (a must have for $10), a blue pitcher (only $1), white glass dishes and plates ($6), a new lamp ($4), several glass votive holders (only $1 each) and a bit more. 

Thehubs surprised me with the two signs.  He has a great sense of humor. I know that I care too much about too many small things and need to not worry about the many details that fill my days.  In the words of a certain famous comedian "where's your sign?" well, now I have one, no two, to remind me to laugh more and not take life too seriously.

I tend to do that...

to take life too seriously,
to worry about the details of 
what, who, when, and how,
 to get everything done
that needs to get done.

At times, it is exhausting.


  1. I have become very, very good at doing nothing.
    I hope your husband's treatments are going well.
    AND I have just discovered the joys of thrifting at age 59! $60 jeans for $3.50!

  2. Thank you Maureen! The hubs is doing great as long as he stays on the treatments. His scans have all come back with no cancer! Yea! We meet so many friendly people in flea markets and I find it fun trying to turn something old/new again!

  3. i am an expert at doing nothing, but my doing nothing is reading and watching TV and playing on the computer, swimming in the pool. in other words my nothing just EXCLUDES housework. that is quite a haul for 100.00 dollars. plus the fun you had wandering in the stores..

  4. I agree with you Sandy, my nothing included 10 loads of laundry I also brought home from our trip! Laundry seems to follow me everywhere!

  5. O, Dazeez girl, I'm right there with you. Worry too much about things I can't change that tend to turn out fine and would have done it without me worrying my silly self crazy.
    We moved into a new place last winter and I downsized quite a bit (my dish collection, mostly) and am so glad to have clean cabinets and hutches without the overflow, I'm being very careful what I bring home anymore. Got a post coming about a small shopping trip, tho. :)....or is it two...?? :)

  6. i enjoy quiet "nothing" days but tend to fell guilty about them afterward. i get caught up in the things i should have done.

    that's a lot of "fun" stuff....i try to buy nothing when i go away, i have way too much stuff already!!!

    i did not know you husband had cancer, i hope he is feeling well!!!


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