Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Java Talk - 5 things about me!

over at

hosts a conversation on Thursdays.

This Thursday she asked each of us to list 5 things about ourselves. I hopped over there and got to know some great people a little better, had a few laughs and even had a tear or two.  

5 things about me...

1. I peel my pickles.  Yes, I peel all of my pickles, even my hamburger dill slices.  It is like that old saying "fingernails on a chalkboard" feeling when I bite into a pickle peeling.  We are big pickle eaters here, in fact we devote an entire refrigerator shelf just to pickles and olives.

2. I love wearing my husband's old worn out white socks.  I have a very irritating health condition that makes my skin feel like it is burnt, especially my hands and feet. I've had this condition for more than twenty years and the best treatment for it is soft, worn out cotton fabrics. So I wear white cotton socks, old cotton t-shirts and those thin long sleeve cotton shirts. Now I don't wear these to town, only around my house.  My family is used to it and no longer poke fun at me.  Although sometimes, when I get dressed early in the morning, I have to laugh at myself in the mirror.

3. I am addicted to fudge bars.  Just last month, thehubs bought a package of 24 fudge bars. I didn't touch even one, never even looked in the freezer at them.  Then something made me cry one day so I reached in and got one fudge bar, after all, one won't hurt and it would sure bring back my smile.  I ended up eating 12... in a row... I may need a 12 step program if he buys another box of 24.

4. I would rather receive a load of good black dirt than a fancy piece of jewelry.  I have worn the same two rings for the past 20 years. They mean a lot to me and I will wear them forever.  My husband (in the beginning of our marriage) bought a beautiful ruby and diamond cocktail ring. It was big and hard for me to wear so it sat in a drawer for 4 years. We kind of forgot about it.  Then he gave me another ruby and diamond ring for my birthday, it was the same ring as the one he had given me before. So we donated it to a charity for their raffle drawing.  He doesn't give me jewelry anymore.

5. I talk to animals, they can keep a secret, love me unconditionally and not talk back. We rescued a black and white cat from our local shelter. 2 years later, I broke my ankle after getting bucked off my brothers horse on a Friday. My brother broke his ankle that Saturday.  Barney the cat had to have his leg amputated on the following Monday.  All of this the week before Thanksgiving. Barney and I had a very special relationship, we healed together, even as I went through 8 more knee surgeries, he was always by my side. Cats are good listeners. 

R.I.P. Barney (named after
Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show).

Thanks Brenda for hosting this conversation, this was fun!

As life goes...
Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday!  We are having a cousin family reunion here. It will last a week and family will be coming from everywhere. Lost of food, fun, activities, float trips, fireworks, pool parties and more! And... we have a wedding on Saturday, one of our triplet cousins is getting married! This is a photo taken about 10 years ago, it seems like just yesterday.


  1. i have in the distant past eaten a whole box of fudge bars and also ice cream sandwiches. i don't buy them now because i can't control myself.. i do the same thing with cookies or donuts. anything with sugar in it i can't eat just one.
    what a story of you and the kitty.. hubby and I both talk to the dogs as much as we talk to each other...

  2. my weakness is lindor, white chocolate trufles!!!

    i don't like pickles ;)

  3. LOL on the socks! I wear white cotton socks, cotton everything and with lots of downy. So couldn't stand fabric softener years ago, but find it helps so much now. I wear tshirts and wife beaters summer and winter. I always have my undershirt on.
    OK- putting fudge bars on the grocery list this week.
    I have peeled pickles...only because we peeled our cucumbers when I was a kid before canning them!
    I would rather had dirt, too! I have my wedding rings and I bought a ring with a sapphire in it when my mom died and have never taken it off except for surgeries. All my rings are very small.
    I always talk to the critters, they are good listeners and never squeal on me.
    I hope you are having fun with all the cousins! I miss mine so much, most of the time. I don't have a single one close to me at all.
    Have a great week!

  4. I came by because you left such a sweet comment on my kitchen makeover - and wanted to get to meet you - what perfect timing LOL !!!
    You had me at " rescue " with your beloved furbaby - our Soda pup was also rescued !
    Loved getting to meet you - I'll bring dirt when I visit !


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