Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I need your prayers...

“A dog is the only thing on earth

that loves you more 

than he loves himself.” 

― Josh Billings

Our Chocolate Labrador,
Emmy Lou, 

was attacked yesterday in her own yard, 
by a neighbors pit bull.

She has a crushed left leg and several lacerations.

The neighbors are nice people however, they have NO fence,
their dog is not registered, licensed or permitted.
They claim it is a "family pet".

I have contacted our county sheriff who explained that unless
Emmy Lou dies, he can not do anything.
I also contacted our local cop of our small town,
who says it is out of his jurisdiction since the attack
happened 1 block outside the
city limits.

I do NOT want a pit bull living, 
without a well designed fence, just 2 blocks from our home.

10 years ago, I lived next door to a very nice
single mom who had a pet pit bull she had raised from a pup.
It was a family pet, never gave them a bit of trouble,
it was loving, adoring and protective.


one day she pulled into her own driveway with her family
in the back of her pickup truck, they were returning from a 
float trip down at the river.
Her lovable pet, her prize pit bull,
jumped into the back of the truck, drug her 3 year old
out and under the truck then proceeded
to maul the child and completely tore off her ear.

Her daughter endured terrible pain,
many surgeries, and large medical bills.

So, I am asking for prayers for our
precious Emmy Lou, and that
we can get this dog removed from
our neighborhood or at least confined inside a
secure fence.

I am just heart broken over this, I don't want a neighbor feud, but I feel I must continue the fight to have this dog
placed in a safer environment. So far, law enforcement
just says "sorry".


  1. OMGOSH! I am so so so sorry. I am praying for your sweet pet. It is horrible that those dogs have been so inbred that they can just snap at any given moment. It is too bad that the law doesn't see fit to step in and take charge of the situation before someone is seriously injured or dies. God bless your baby and good luck! xo Diana

  2. I pray Emmly lou will be ok and for her comfort and yours.. so sorry to hear this. i am guessing you do not have leash laws where you live. here a dog must be fenced or on a leash...

  3. soooo very sad, our pets are just like our family!! i hope she heals quickly and that you get some help controlling the neighbors dog!!!!

  4. Thank you Diana, Sandra and Debbie for your prayers. Emmy Lous was able to walk a bit yesterday and we got her moved into a more comfortable place. We live on the edge of a very small town, less that 300 citizens, and enforcing laws is not a priority. Volunteers run for office in our local government, for little pay, lots of criticism and also work full time jobs to support their family. Every two years new people run for office and start over again learning how to keep this small city running. We are hoping some day that the county will take over our water supply as it has been a struggle to keep it going.

  5. I am so sorry for Emmy Lou! Praying she heals well and doesn't suffer from the wounds long. God bless her and you. I will be praying for a remedy for the pit bull to either be put down or to go somewhere else. You might look into getting a trap and trapping her on your property. If she ends up in the local shelter, there are fines and things they must do to get her back. Most people won't bother with it, and the shelter will know how to place it in the proper home.
    I do not like pit bulls. Any animal is capable of turning at any time, but they have the ability to kill fast. Their jaws are so strong, you just don't stand a chance.
    This dog has already shown aggression and pooh on the law for not doing something about it. Too late for the next attack victim and hope its not a child that has to die to get something done.
    The laws need to change. I hope the neighbor is paying your vet bill, but I doubt it. Hug Emmy Lou for me. I will keep you all in my prayers.


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