Saturday, May 24, 2014

Redecorating Reveal 2014!

 Welcome to my Spring 2014 Reveal!

After a couple of months of painting, scrubbing,
purging and a little crafting...

we are close to having it done. 
Close enough for me to share some photos.

It started with new floors in the kitchen and dining room.
But before we could start that project we had to paint the ceilings and walls.

This is a total color change for me. 

In the past, I have had my favorite pansie dish sets from
Corningware displayed for almost twenty years.
So my colors always referred back to the
purple and yellow of those colorful pansies that I dearly loved. 

But this time,
I packed them up and it was time for a change.
I wanted to stay in the neutral colors
 and only change out my
accessories for adding color.

We love our oak here in The Ozarks.  I have thought many times I want to paint my cabinets a light cream with a dark gold wax. But we DO really like our oak whether it is in style or not, so we will keep it the way it is. 

I tried adding some blues here and there
and just kept having fun finding those
treasures as I ventured out and up into my attic.

I was worried over my choice of the dark stain
but now that is is down,
I am pretty happy with it.
I like the dark contrast against
the yellow of the oak.

The small green cabinets may get painted this fall, 
they hold all of my computer
and camera cables and I use them often.

I bought that cream colored iron table with glass top 
just for that space near the patio doors
 It keeps all of the dog/cat 
treats close by when we go in and out. 

My favorite space of all is my wide pantry doors.  
I was able to get all of my cleaning and
storage behind those doors therefor
 no one, will ever see my dirty laundry basket again!

The master bathroom floors also were redone in the dark stain.
I have to thank Lloyd the tile guy for
choosing this brick cut natural stone.
I wasn't even looking for it, when he laid it out in the store
and we fell in love with it. 2 more weeks and we can seal it which will give it a little shinier finish.

The living room is also close to being done. 
The ceiling needs a second coat of white to reach that
clean, crisp white I am wanting.
And the 2 side chairs need new cushions,
I have found some but still want to
look at some fabric samples and have
someone make them locally if possible.

And as life goes...
I am almost 5 days post surgical for having 2 discs replaced and fused in my neck. Pain and nausea are my biggest complaints right now along with not being able to sleep for more than an hour at a time.
I have been able to sit up at the table the past two days so I plan to hop' around and do some blog reading. I am asking for prayers for a fast and speedy recovery please.

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  1. everything looks just wonderful!!! love, love, love the blue, you did an awesome job with all the little added touches. looks like a warm, super cozy home!!

    1. Thank you Debbie, I was never a blue fan before. But there are so many beautiful variation of the blue, I had to give it a try. This was a challenge, to edit down and remove color, patterns, etc. I am usually trying to add more!

  2. Oh I love the light and neutral color and everything looks so fresh. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

    1. I am a big follower of your blog "A stroll thru life" and I used amny of your blog posts in changing from my colorful/busy/overloaded decorating styles of the past. I will keep learning from you Marty!


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