Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My bed hasn't been made in a week...

Yeah, that's right. 
My bed hasn't been made in a week.

I haven't had a good nights sleep in so long,
I really can't remember what it feels like. So I have been making time in the morning and again in the afternoon, just to rest. 
Just to sit, or lay, or walk slowly.

No television, radio, phone calls, texts, or anything.

We are now 7 days post operative to the the neck surgery we knew was coming. We had been trying so very hard to get some projects done around our house, before this forced-vacation date arrived.

 Last Monday, I received a

Cervical Disectomy Fusion Anterior Approach

and a
Cervical Decompression

All due to

Herniated Discs C5-6 and 6-7.

Well, now those painfull boney discs are gone. Dr. replaced them with this:

and he put it right here
under my jaw bone.
He went thru the front of
my neck leaving about
a three inch

So Day 8...

I am still taking pain medication, muscle relaxers and moving very, very slow.

So I am still needing and asking
for your prayers!

Thank you,


  1. praying for you now. pain that doesn't go away is horrible... and not sleeping makes me crazy.. bob would say crazier... LOL... i pulled a muscle in my shoulder and did not sleep for 3 weeks. the last 3 nights i have slept all night and i feel lie a different person. i pray now that God will heal you and give you a good nights sleep soon...

  2. awwww, i had no idea you were having surgery. i must have missed that!! i hope the surgery does the trick, and that the pain subsides......that life will soon return to normal!!

    sending a big, warm hug, from the jersey shore!!!

  3. Hi Dazee - Here's hoping you are feeling much better real soon. I am in Oklahoma and when I saw Ozarks - I thought, oh she's not too awful far from here. Sending prayers your way for healing and pain to subside real soon.


  4. Yowser! That was quite the operation. I can't believe you actually managed to do a post. Do take care of yourself and heal quickly.

  5. I will so be praying for you to have less to no pain and be able to rest. Can you move your head? Will you lose any mobility from this? I am almost ready to see about having something like this done. You have the curve back in your neck with this! I have to put my neck in traction to keep the curve or things get so pinched. When this heals, it will so be worth all that you have gone through. I know you must have suffered for years. Let time pass quickly so you can feel better soon.


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