Thursday, May 22, 2014

In the beginning...

We started with dirt,
a bulldozer, and a man.

I call him “thehubs”.

Here he is, moving dirt,
preparing the land for our
new home back in 2002.

We decided to move out of the hurried lifestyle of our big city. We wanted to get away from the traffic, waiting in lines, and the noise. We were ready and willing to give up our city luxuries such as takeout food, pizza delivery, hot donuts on Saturday morning, late Friday night soft serve ice cream in our pajamas and fancy grocery stores filled with exotic fruits, cheeses and pre-cut vegetables.

"I miss those things especially the hot donuts.
Now you know why I get so excited when
I drive 90 miles to shop for groceries!"

We wanted to enjoy the outdoors.
So we moved. 

We downsized and built a handicap accessible (almost) home down a country lane just a few miles from a small town in the country.

Anyone remember the movie
“Funny Farm” with Chevy Chase?
I loved their mailman delivering the mail!

This is the same small town where I grew up and went to school. Our high school mascot was a blue and gold Wildcat so I guess that makes me a former Wildcat. 

What were you in high school?
What was your school mascot and colors?

And as life goes...
I had 2 discs in my neck replaced and fused Monday morning. I've had nausea since the surgery and am still having a difficult time keeping the pain under control.
I am asking for your prayers.

ps: we almost have the rest of the new baseboard trim down, the house
project is getting closer to being done.

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  1. Praying for your pain and discomfort to go away. As the swelling goes down, maybe that will all disappear. I will have to have that done at some point and am not looking forward to it. My school colors were scarlet and gray and we were Whippets. LOL- like in greyhound. Not sure how that ever got started, but that's what we were. Our school paper was the Whippet Tales and the Jr High paper was Pup Tales. Hope you feel better soon.


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