Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fences tell a story

I must thank Debbie over at

She shared a her photos and a link to

Thank you Debbie!

I am also participating in their link party.
I am sharing a photo of a fence I took yesterday.

This fence has kept this old combine safe for 
about 40 years that I have been seeing it
as I round that corner of the river on my way into town.

The reason I parked my car a half mile away
and walked to the river was to
get a photo of this floating tree in the woods.

It fell sometime last fall
and has been laying here all winter.

 When a tree falls in the woods,
does it make a noise?

It yells "Catch Me" to the other trees.

This tree is so big,
I can stand under the base of the trunk,
stretch my arms up
and not be able to reach it.

Just thought I would share this today.
We are off to pick out tile for our bathroom.
Hopefully the last decision we make for this venture.

update: the floor and tile installers are scheduled to be here late next week. I can't wait to share photos of our makeover.

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  1. hi, dazee! nice to 'meet' you! debbie is a doll! :)

    thanks for linking up! what a great old combine and protective fence, too. :)

  2. oh how wonderful that i inspired you to join in. theresa is my blogging bestie. she has been so kind and helpful to me. she was my first "real" follower!!

    your entry is awesome, love the look of that old combine!!

  3. good luck with the tile hunting. the tree shot is AWESOME...and well worth the hike to get these photos. the fence is wonderful. i enlarged the photo and just sat and stared at all that is behind and round and through the fence. beautiful shot. that includes the rust behind it to

  4. Dazee- I love those bits and pieces of rural life. That tree shot is great-a floating tree-air float-no water needed! Can't wait to see your project all done- xo Diana

  5. HI Dazee Love the thought that that combine has been there for 40 years. great series of tree shots. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Dazee. I think the tree says, "I could use some help here." Or somethign similar. Commercials! That is one fantastic looking combine behind that really great gate.

  7. It is sad in a way when people let things in get in this condition.

  8. I love that old combine! Sure glad that fence is strong enough to hold it in. That floating tree is unreal! Wow- I would hate to be the one to cut that one up. Awesome photos! Have fun picking out tile!

  9. Love the old combine with the trees growing all around it! And that floating tree is amazing - we call them 'widow makers' here in our logging town. - visiting from 'Good Fences'. - Karen

  10. A lovely day it seems, especially without that white stuff that is hanging on in so many places.

  11. Great fence shot but I must say that floating tree is pretty cool.

  12. That's really cool! Nice find! Love the old fence, too.

  13. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment today. Di you know that you are a No Reply blogger when you leave a comment? I can't comment directly to you from my blog/my email. If you want to fix that let me know- I have the instructions for you. Have a great day- xo Diana


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