Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time for change...

Our redecorated guest bathroom is done. 
A great big THANK YOU 
to thehubs for his painting time and skills.


 It is much brighter in there with the lighter colors.  I love my blue cross in the skylight. I still need to find a wall art/framed art that has less burgundy in it for the wall. I am looking forward to days out with friends and the treasure hunt to find something for it!

It is a typical January day here in Southwest Missouri. Everything outside is winter brown, it is cold and windy, and I don't really like it.

If I were rich, I would move my entire family someplace warm, someplace where it averages 72 degrees year round. I would take us on ski vacations in Idaho, or Colorado, for a few weeks each year then return to my sunny and warm homeplace.  

If I were rich, I would have a housekeeper, or two.  I would not worry about the dust collecting on the blades on my ceiling fan or wiping down the baseboards in all of my closets.  I would leave for the day, probably go to my country club for lunch with my girlfriends, then return home to a spotless and sparkling home. 

If I were rich, I would hire a professional organizer to come for a week each January and help me purge my goodies so I could make room for more and better stuff.  I wouldn't think too long as I purged, after all, I am rich, if I want another one or just more stuff, I'll just order it from Amazon. 

I LOVE to dream.
It distracts me from real life.

Trying to find humor while purging is hard for me.  I pick up an item, think to myself of the possibilities this item could have, a little paint, a ribbon, it would be perfect. Wait a minute, didn't I have this same conversation with this same item last year when I purged? Do I give it another year? Or do I pass it on to someone who will actually use it? After all, it has been taking up valuable real estate space for a year, just sitting there, waiting for me to do something with it.

So I let it go, I put it in the donate box and I feel sad about it, my good intentions did not come through. 

I called a meeting with myself
and I made a few motions.

Motion #1: If it has been sitting, waiting for over a year to be changed, updated or crafted, donate it. If you didn't find time last year to use it, you won't this year either. Give someone else a chance at it.

exhibit #1: old picture frames

Motion #2: If you bring in something new and put something else into storage, something already being stored must be donated.

Storage space is shrinking in this house, I am getting older and wiser, and crawling under the bed, in the attic and in the back of closets is not as much fun as it used to be, and it takes me twice as long.

Motions passed.
Meeting adjourned.


  1. I enjoyed your meeting with yourself and it sounds like you did a good job of talking with self... you will have to update us next year and let us know if self listened to self and followed through. i have a friend who has two closets full of frames, they are falling out on the floor. when she frames something she buys a new one because she can't get to the ones she has and it is easier.... i want so bad to go in that closet for 2 hours..

  2. the bathroom looks GREAT!! i like the lighter color much better for that small space!! and i really like the towel holder, cute and functional!!

    i have become much better at purging these days. the boys are gone and i want the house neat and organized!!

  3. LOL- I should have such a meeting with myself, but I probably wouldn't show up for it. Love the bathroom. Oprah, back in her glory days, which is about 30 years ago, had someone on the show about getting rid of clutter and purging things that just take up too much of your energy to keep.
    She said-' Get a box or tote on things you think you have to keep when going through stuff. Throw it in the box and then seal it up and date it. Next year, open the box. If in that one year's time, you didn't need it or forgot you had it, let it go.'
    Its supposed to be your safe zone.
    I did that and was totally amazed at what I thought was valuable to me, wasn't. It got tossed that next year. So, I did that for a few years and now I can just look at something and know its going out of here.
    Love the bathroom. I have a skylight in mine and don't have anything hanging up there...hmmm.
    I love how you dream. If you are going to do it, do it big.

  4. We are on the same page - you and I!! I DO get rid of a lot but I AM bringing in more. Who cares? I love looking at all my stuff!!! (Or as Louis Dean calls it - DEBRIS!) I just need to keep it neat and orderly. After I'm gone my kids can have a huge estate sale and divide the $ up! Win! WIN!!! Until then I'm going to enjoy all my 'stuff!'


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