Monday, January 20, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window...
The sun is shining! It is winter brown outside. It is quiet here on our country lane, only birds, a dog, and a cat are moving about.

I am thinking... “what needs to be done today?” After checking the calendar, answering emails and phone calls, I may get to stay home today. It appears that all work can be done via laptop.

I am thankful... that our guest bathroom redo is done, everything is put away, hung on the walls, etc. A BIG thank you to thehubs, he is my painter and I love him.

In the kitchen... I have hot rolls raising, pork chops marinating, and potatoes ready to be peeled. Perhaps hot baked brownies for a late night treat? With friends?

I am wearing... my pajamas... yeah, that's right, we stay up late and sleep late around here. We normally go to bed around 1am, almost always during the dark days of winter. Most of our work happens between noon and 9pm, so staying up late is relaxing for us.

I am creating... organization... purging... cleaning... for the entire month of January.

I am going... to call several friends today, chat for a bit, then invite someone over for dinner tonight.

I am wondering... whether to start something new on my blog. Whether to give it a try and see what happens, after all, the worst that can happen is that no one likes it. My self esteem will heal and bounce back. Failure is not that scary at my post menopausal age.

I am reading... my new Pioneer Woman Cookbook and drooling over the photos.

I am hoping... that the Olympics in Russia remain safe, that all the haters in this world will allow athletes to come together in peace.

I am looking forward to... spring... flowers... vegetables... especially tomatoes.

I am learning... my new ipad, all the how to's, etc. and a new Roku. Lots of new gifts to get to know right now... typical January at our house.

Around the house... the wall colors, and accessories are changing. I have added some white. I use to not like white, it reminded me of my dentist office, but I am starting to relax and enjoy it. So far, two rooms have cost $250. Paint is expensive.

I am pondering... how to address a relationship with a friend who is angry. She has been very angry for two years. Inside is a great person, hiding behind a lot of anger, and sometimes I can't find the real “her” and it is exhausting.

A favorite quote for today... “I'm going through an evolution. I'm completely cleaning out my closet. I'm purging, because I saw that show 'Hoarders.” Fergie, of the band Black Eyed Peas

One of my favorite things... is my new Ipad, I can now read in the dark.

A few plans for the rest of the week: continue to purge and organize, get some baskets for our chest freezer, so I can find make my “everyday chores” a bit easier and less time consuming. (chores: are we still using that word?)

A peek into my day... no, not today, no photos... I will be changing from my pajamas to my sweat pants, holding cleaning rags, and the vacuum cleaner hose.

Have a "Sparkling" Monday!


  1. Wonderful post, Jackie. I am reading the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook, too. She is sumthin'. isn't she? Hope you had a great day. Love that you stayed in your pjs to write your post- xo Diana

  2. I hope you know how much we all love you! Keep on keeping on.......
    and keep those awesome, insightful and wise posts coming!!!

  3. Great post and what a full day you have ahead of you. I am still in my jammies, doing the same schedule in winter...I get up earlier in the spring and summer so I don't miss it.
    Praying for your friend who is angry...such a nasty thing that takes all your energy away and pushes those who love you out of hugging distance, when all you really need is a hug. May your light shine bright enough for her to find her way out of the dark.

  4. I love your list Jackie! Sounds a lot like my house...:) I hope you have a great day and just stay in your pj''s sounds like that kind of day....:))))

  5. Winter is the best time of year to be doing all these wonderful projects!!

    Great capture of the cardinal!!


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