Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and White Wednesday

My husband is a Veteran and was stationed in Korea during the capture of the Pueblo, 
the only American Ship still being held hostage, by the North Koreans. My Dad was a World War Two Veteran, he was in the battle of New Guinea and Luzon, two of  the bloodiest battles of that war. My brother Roy, served four years on a nuclear submarine stationed out of Hawaii, during Vietnam. He did reconnaissance and rescue missions, never knowing where he was while on the boat.

Military service is part of our family, and we are very proud of each and 
every soldier, and family that has served.

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  1. beautiful photo and even more beautiful tribute to your family.

  2. Amen- My family men were all military men, too. God rest all their souls and bless the ones still living- xo Diana


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