Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let it snow...

Or ice,
as it sleeted all afternoon and
into the night, then dusted us with snow.

I was just over visiting with

 and felt my heart fill with memories looking at her little back stoop with her sled and tricycle...

so I decided
to share a memory of my own...

This is my Dad pulling my brothers around town on an old car hood just a few blocks from where I live now.

Have you ever done this?
Yes I have. Oh, so many times!

I am still getting used to my new camera and all of it's settings. I chose the snow setting this morning and took a few steps outside onto the patio (for fear of falling on the ice, I didn't go much further)

The ice and snow on the bushes

Little doggie foot prints on the front porch, a complete U-turn!!

Then I went back to the patio and turned around and saw this...

This little lady
does not like to have her photo taken.

So she turns her head as soon as she hears the shutter snap.

Have a very happy day today!


  1. both my dogs turn there head when i pick up the camera, i have to sneak a snap to get a full face.... love the foot prints and the shot of the ice and snow on the bush is excellent... your camera is working fine and so are you

  2. What a great old picture, and sweet memories! Merry Christmas :)

  3. i love the snow and your images are beautiful!! looks like your doing great with the new camera!!

    merry christmas jackie, i hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    ps....if you gave a kid a fun ride like that now-a-days, you would probably get arrested!! gotta love those good ole' days!!


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