Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!


Since I first clicked on that publish button back in March, I have wondered who I am? 

 I mean...
what kind of blogger am I
and who do I want to be?
Do I know?

The list of blogs that I follow grows daily. I love the choices, new faces, and new ideas that we all share. I have all of them saved in folders on my favorites bar. What ever my mood, be it cooking, shopping, crafting, reading, looking, wondering, or dreaming, it's just a click away. 

I am a slow thinker! 
How about a decorating blogger? Well, my house is usually in transition. I like to study on it, try out several options, then decide and keep it forever. My husband is very spontaneous, if he sees something he likes he is ready to have it. Together we manage to do a few projects around the house every couple of years because that is how long it takes me to decide on what I want done. Plus every photo I take, there seems to be a pile of something hidden in the background. How do those decorating bloggers get their house so clean and organized? Do they photoshop that pile of papers, magazines, out of their photos when they post?

How about a cooking blogger? Well, no chance of that happening. I am a self taught cook, I HATE onions, and I peel my pickles, and don't like my food to touch. The only reason I cook is because I like to eat. I LIKE to bake, especially cookies and cakes, because I LOVE to eat cookies and cakes. Oh, I have dreamed of gourmet meals being served on my good china on a linen tablecloth with candles burning. In real life, I have one that won't eat this, one that won't eat that, a couple who are allergic to something, and one who can't chew very well. 

Try serving that on a big platter
and then take a photo.

How about a crafting blogger? No, the thought of so many unfinished projects and various supplies taking up space in my brain exhausts me. I think that it aggravates my compulsiveness to put things away. If I can't finish it and put it away by dinner, then, where, I mean seriously where, will, I, keep, it? 

How about a photo blogger? I know nothing about photography. I have had the same point and shoot digital camera for five years. It takes pictures of houses for our business and does a very fine job. It's both reliable and easy. It's been years and I still am not sure what all the buttons do on this little camera, so no photo blog for me. However, I did get a new camera for Christmas, so I am looking forward to more buttons and learning how to use more buttons. (insert exhaustion here...)

I've met some fantastic people. 

They have shown me photos of places I have never been, shared their ideas about how to express ourselves, and how to turn a house into a home and bring people together, on a budget, with duct tape, cotton balls and flowers from my garden. Maybe I will just get to know more people, make more friends, and share ideas and laugh more.


  1. i felt sure joy as i read this post today.... i agree with all you like and don't like, the only difference is i am addicted to my camera and photography and playing with the photos in software. but cooking I hate, baking i hate, love to eat but want someone else to cook it. i rather eat a bought cookie than bake one.
    my house has been the same for 16 years, and the furniture is sitting in the exact same place as when we moved in 24 years ago.. i drive my hubby and myself crazy trying to make up my mind on anything, what car or camera to buy, when i bought my two computers it took me a month to deside what i wanted. i weigh every thing i do, pros and cons until i make myself nuts trying to decide.
    i started my blog to just post my photos, but since 09 i have evolved into i like to tell stories of our daily life. i never know what will pop out of my head to post about.... some day soon you will know who you are for your blog... and i am very fond of what you post.

  2. my blog is for sure a mixed bag!! i have never "thought" about what kind of blog i am?!?! i love to bake, i am starting to love to cook (no fancy stuff, just regular food). i love crafts, home improvement projects, fun "little" trip (no world traveler here)!! i have an unhealthy obsession with my camera, nature, gardening and just about everything else!!

    i really love nature blogs, flowers, birds and wildlife. i love to read about organizing and beautifing a home. oh boy, i guess i read a mixed bag a well!! i don't think one must "define" oneself!!

    have a wonderful 2014, filled with love and laughter!!


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