Saturday, December 21, 2013

Doing Great!

A BIG thank you for all your prayers for our daughter.  We have her home now and she is doing very good, very sore though. She is having to give herself injections of blood thinners each day, and I am so grateful that her Dad is helping with that part.

I have been trying to read everyone's blog posts and enjoying the comments here in the land Of bloggers. Santa brought me sniped air for an early Christmas,which was a big help at the hospital. I have so much to learn though.  It came with no manual or directions! I just found Safari yesterday... New passwords to remember, oh.... So much to learn... I am going to try taking photos with it today, along with baking cookies, laundry, etc.

I am sharing this photo from our neighbors Dirty Santa party
which I made into a card for the hubs using pic monkey.

The hubs has taken the laptop for full time use to do his work since is received this iPad, today I hope to figure out how to upload some photos I took with it... So much to learn. I did manage to get some  photos taken with it, if I learn how to upload them I will share them today.

Please continue with your prayers for healing and good health as her body is healing, these blood clots have been hard for doctors to treat.


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  1. good news your daughter is home and really good your hubby can help with those shots.not sure i could do that to myself or someone else. continued prayers for her. i have never heard the words sniped air so not sure what it is, but my brain is telling me it has something to do with wifi on your ipad. don't have one of those either, so no advice from me. hope we get to see your photos


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