Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside...

For the past few days, we have enjoyed about 1 inch of snow and very cold temperatures here in southwest Missouri. It has made our night time just beautiful with the glowing of lights on the snow.

The deer in this photo are courtesy of picmonkey!

Emmer Lou (our chocolate Lab) has found her blanket next to the patio door to be quite cozy and warm. With these dark and cold days, it is hard for me to go outside to play with her so I bring her inside so she can watch me. She is so good to stay on her blanket with her big brown eyes moving right to left and back again. Normally she would be in the garage on cold nights, but it has been cold too many nights in a row, and a girl can get a bit lonely in the garage all by herself.

Tater Pie (our cat) is such a stress-free furry friend that can be comfortable just about anywhere, anytime she feels like it. Her new favorite spot is the blanket on the couch. She snores a little, then gets up for a bite of diced, baked chicken made especially for her.

Little Miss Lillie is so busy keeping track of everyone and everything that is going on around her that she seldom naps at gramma's house. We try to put little outfits on her only to have her get mad so we rarely get photos of her wearing her closet full of holiday attire. She has a mind of her own!

Add Baby Lillie striking a pose, Tater Pie snoring on the couch and Emmer Lou napping.

We have been busy baking cookies,
making fudge and
decorating for Christmas
around our house. 

Santa is ready and
even has a bag for some coal
just in case someone gets naughty
before Christmas.

Thehubs has been busy
decorating the outside
with his lights. 

Thehubs has his lights almost finished.
They are linked to music and turn on and off acccording to the musical beat.
I will post the video later.

Till then,
"Enjoy the Miracles"
of the season!


  1. well, Santa will drop on by, it looks to me like you have been nice not naughty and are all prepared for his visit. love the bowl of ornaments.. festive is the word for your home, in and out and of course the babies sleeping are my favorite of all.

  2. It all looks beautiful!! Lights AND music!!! You and your hubs are the BEST!!

  3. everything looks beautiful....thanks for sharing these festive images!!

  4. Hello Jackie,
    Sounds like you're having a great time. I think we're neighbors. I live just east of Joplin.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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