Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pet Peeve Tuesday - Grocery Shopping With Thehubs

Well, it's cold outside and it is time to do that Thanksgiving Day Feast SHOPPING! We drove 60 miles today to shop at a particular store for our family feast.

You see, we only have a few grocery stores in our area. The tornado in 2011 took out our Dillons, so we are left with Price Cutter, Aldi's, Food for Less and of course several Walmarts. But if we drive to Bella Vista near the Arkansas Border, we can buy things not available here.

Bella Vista is near the Walmart Corporate Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bella Vista is a very small town and many Walmart Executives live there and they and their families shop at this Walmart. It's shelves are always fully stocked, it has a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, and assorted cheeses and breads. It is still a Walmart, but it is nothing like our local Walmart Stores. All of the carts go full speed with no crooked wheels, the vegetables are fresh, there is no trash on the parking lot, even the aisles seem wider and are never empty or unorganized.



to grocery shop.

He gets his own cart and I get mine and we meet near the checkout when we are finished. I always pick up the shampoo, laundry soap, toilet paper, and the baking supplies. This is how our conversation went today:

Me: Babe, I told you I don't want anymore Rice Krispie Treats. I can't eat anymore, I'm sick of Rice Krispie Treats, please don't buy me anymore.

Him: Well, you will eat them sometime, they last forever.

Me: Another jar of mustard, did you look in the pantry? There were at least 4 jars of mustard in there yesterday.

Him: No, we don't have (note raised voice) a pantry in Bella Vista, Arkansas. We can always use another jar of mustard. It lasts forever.

Me: More green beans, really? I don't have anymore space for green beans, I just stuffed 20 cans under our bed!

Him: They were on sale for 50 cents a can, that's a bargain! We can always take some to the kids house, they will eat them. They last forever.

Me: Oh no... not another roll of aluminum foil! I had to put the last roll under our bed, we may have to give foil to our friends for Christmas!

Him: It keeps going up in price, by this time next year, you will be glad we have some stocked up. And, it lasts forever.

I love him.
He carries in my groceries.

I will find room for more green beans,
more mustard and more aluminum foil.
And I will sneak some of them into our kids pantry...
next to the last batch he bought for them...
the last time we went to the grocery store.

It's Tuesday, time for some more of my favorite Pet Peeves.

Pet Peeve #1:
Dear Mr. Sargento, please mark the end of the wrapper on your pepperjack cheese sticks and nip the corner that I am supposed to open. I am old and your security wrappers must be designed by the C.I.A. Yelling at your cheesesticks at 1 o'clock in the morning should not be necessary in order to eat one.

Pet Peeve #2:
Why is it when you open a new bag of those delicious Lays Potato Chips it smells just AWFUL! We like to eat potato chips in bed, late at night, with milk. Thehubs hops into bed and opens a new bag and I accuse him of... farting. Is the word farting okay in Blog Land?

Pet Peeve 3#:

Why does bacon cost more per pound than a pork loin? I now budget for bacon like I do steak. Really $7.99 a pound? We live in the country, we have pigs in our neighborhood and I know for a fact, pigs do not live a luxurious life, and neither do pig farmers. I've decided I want my own pig and I will name him Warren Buffet and he will be delicious.


  1. when i stop laughing I will attempt to comment... brahahaha.. ok, I am ready. first is my new pet peeve... YOU HAVE a husband that shops and does it well... I have a hubby that i will do anything to NOT take him with me, he stalks around with his hands behind his back, WAITING.. he is more hindrance than help. I don't shop with him or ride in a car he is driving...
    I am also peeved you are 60 miles from that WM in Bentonville... i shopped in that store in 1984 and have said over and over it was the best WM ever. and the cheapest. now i know it is TRUE and why... I drove for JB Hunt which is right up on that mountain.
    i nearly fainted 2 weeks ago when i needed bacon for something i was making... had not bought in a year... i bought half pound and came home ranting and raving.... loved your post

    1. Hi Sandra, we go by JB Hunt often! We love Arkansas, it is such a pretty state for a day out to play!

  2. This post is so cute. Love the way you shop with your guy. We do the same thing. I divide the list and he goes one way and my son and I go the other and meet back in the middle and look in each others carts!
    The word farting is allowed in blogland. So is tooting, firecrackers and bombs. My guys do bombs.
    The price of bacon is so bad now, and what about chicken? You would think they came with papers or something.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your bacon and green beans topped with mustard and wrapped in foil!

  3. omgosh!!! soooooo funny BUT what a great guy you have!!

    chuck and i use to split up in the food store, now we shop together!!

    i hope you have a wonderful meal and holiday. we will be in NYC, i am sooooo excited!!

  4. You guys are having too much fun!!!


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