Thursday, November 14, 2013

My friend Barbra...

My dear friend, Barbra, recently posted the following to her timeline on Facebook. She is that person who has a sweet soul, who shows up with flowers after you have prayed to God for a ray of sunshine to come your way. She celebrates her walk with our Lord in everything she says and does. She lives her life as a testament to His teachings and she calls me her Sister in Christ. 
Thank you Barbra for writing this. It is a keeper and I keep it close by.

I think the hardest trial
I have ever faced in this life is
a lack of harmony with people. 

Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who ignore, respond, turn away, or drop you because you are not like them, don't serve God like them, or sin different than they do. People who use their religion as a cloak for "judgment" and condemnation that in some cases, never, never goes away no matter what you do. Who take the words you put on paper, or through a text or a phone call, and turn it around to make it something harmful that was never intended to be that way at all.
Please remember that as humans,
that my bad is just different than your bad

My sins are forgiven just as much as yours, that we are a part of something God created, and that He is all knowing, all loving, and requires of us that we be like that too. How much do our differences of opinion really matter? How much will they matter in a million years? If we hang onto those differences and use them against each other, what have we gained? A closer walk with God? Peace? Harmony? The ability to love more?

I "will" hurt others at times, for Dog Gone it, it is in my nature. When I do, please be quick to forgive me and get on with life. I will forget to write, or call, or text you back. If I do, be patient with me, for I am getting older, and my forgetter is getting stronger all the time. I do have bad days when I don't put God first, and I take it out on you. Please don't hold a grudge, for tomorrow we will need me when you do the same to someone else. It is not my heart to harm anyone, no matter who they are. Let's work together, play together, love each other more and above all, remind each other that God is what it is about, not us. 

Just saying....  God Bless each one of you!


  1. you are so blessed to have such a special friend!!

    awesome image!!

  2. this is beautiful and i agree with Barbara...and what hurts me the most is the churches are now the sight of the least harmony of all.


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