Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I did it with scrapbook paper!

Visit my kitchen!

I had been a little bored with my kitchen the past year. I finally found some new canisters at a flea market in Conway, Arkansas that gave me some inspiration. They were much like the ones I fell in love with at Pier One but could only visit, not own, because of the price! Then one week later I found a smaller set at a flea market in Pittsburg, Kansas! I needed some color in the kitchen and those inexpensive treasures gave me the boost I needed to try some new projects.

I had gotten the same desire for some color a few years ago and made a ridiculously BAD color choice. I fell in love with a swatch of purple at the paint store, I mean really, really fell in love. So I asked thehubs to paint the kitchen this gorgeous purple color and the first couple of strokes he made to the wall, I knew it was a mistake. But I lived with it, hoping it would grow on me, for a year. It didn't. I hated it. So a few months ago, he repainted it a yellowy beige. Then I just felt like it needed some color, a bit of pizzazz, or some bling somewhere. So I thought I would share my latest project with blogland! Hope you like it!

This is before!

This is the busiest wall in my kitchen. My entire kitchen is open and can be seen from the living room, the office and the dining room. As you can see the white tile, beige countertops and beige walls are a bit boring.

Now I will show you
my "after" photos.

My first attempt!
I used black and white scrapbook paper with pretty swirls.

 My second attempt I used a maroon paisley scrapbook paper.

The idea started years ago when I adhered wallpaper cuttings with spray adhesive (repositional Easy-Tack from Hobby Lobby) directly onto the tile and it lasted for 7 years.  A store owner gave me a free book of wallpaper samples. I cut out some long stemmed lillies and various other flowers. I then sprayed them with the Easy-Tack and layered them, one on top of the other, on each tile. It looked like a three dimensional flower garden. I loved it!

Here is how I did it!
The only supplies you will need are
a straight ruler, a pencil, and scissors.

This time I used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby 
three sheets at 59 cents at 50% off - $0.89
Clear Contact Paper from Dollar Tree - $1.00
Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray also from Hobby Lobby - $7.99

Note: the Rubber Cement - I used this the first try as I was out of the Easy-Tack. The Easy-Tack is much better. It is worth the $7.99 and the can will last you for years. The roll of clear contact paper will also last you for many projects.

The only tools you will need are
a straight ruler, pencil,and scissors.

Measure your tiles and draw a grid
on the back of the scrapbook paper.
Then I positioned the grid face down onto the tacky side of the clear contact paper. This makes the paper easy to wipe down and keeps the paper from spotting from splatters on the stove after it is adhered. Now cut them out.

Then I sprayed the back sides of the paper with the adhesive. I used a newspaper to put under the paper when I sprayed the adhesive to protect the counter. Now, I could stick them to the tiles.

My last and final attempt is my favorite,
a black and white harlequin scrapbook paper.


  1. looks AWESOME!!! i would have never thought.....

    thanks for all the details and next time you are bored, let me know....i will send you my address ;)

  2. This is so CLEVER!!! I have never heard of anyone doing THIS before! Now EVERYONE will be!! I 'ran into you' over on Frugal by Choice! Looks like we have some of the very same friends! I love your creativity!

  3. I LOVE that last one, you picked just the right one.. beautiful.. and so is your kitchen

  4. This is an exciting idea! How is it holding up?
    enjoying your blog,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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