Friday, October 4, 2013

Sunrises at our house...

Mornings start at 5:30am at our house. The breeze is slow and cool, the sunrise is beginning and our neighborhood is waking up. It was just too hot to enjoy our patio the past couple of months but with the coming of fall and the lower temperatures we are enjoying our mornings on the east patio again.

We built our house about 11 years ago with the help of family, friends and a few contractors. Every board, nail, light fixture was touched by our family. Every cousin, brother, uncle, aunt, and friend came over and applied their skills to help us make a home. I designed the floorplan, he designed the garage and yard. We have three patios, one is covered and faces the east, perfect for sunrises and rainstorms. One is uncovered and faces the north, perfect for barbecuing and sitting around the firepit, and the other is covered and faces the west, perfect for sunsets, rainstorms and watching the deer bed down in the field. We planned and built a home that we could spend most of our time outside. It has 27 windows, each placed so that a breeze can come in and out no matter what direction the wind is blowing. We rarely use our air conditioner.

About 7 miles north of our home is a family owned construction company. Since we live on the only county road going south, their dump truck parade begins at exactly 6:30am. Since we know each driver, they come down our county road and give us a honk on their horn to say hello. They will return tonight about 6pm, one at a time, then they will repeat the process again 5 days a week. I love those guys, they are like family.

Here are a few amateur photos of my morning on the east patio.

The jet trails sparkle as the sun comes up.

A very strange shaped cloud waiting for its photo to be taken!

The world is waking up and getting ready for our new day!

My wagon gets a lot of miles and is a necessary tool.
It is the time of year to purge, divide and replant our flowers.  I have cannas, iris and lariope to finish up today.



  1. Your home sounds lovely- I love that you have three porches for different activities and your whole family pitched in to help build it. . The sky shots are gorgeous. I am busy today, too. Have fun working outside- xo Diana

  2. Well it is beautiful the way you describe it - and I love how you said each nail was touched by a loved one. And the horns honking at 6:30am - that might get to me - teehee. What state do you live in? Was that a tornado? sandie


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