Friday, October 11, 2013

Six words friday - yellow

This my first linking up to...

Six Word Friday - Yellow

A big thank you to Debbie over at "It's all about purple" blog

 for sharing her beautiful photos and linking me up with 

Adrienne at My Memory Art - Six Words Friday

This is a day lillie from my garden.
Summer is over and they are still blooming.


  1. Wow! Aren't you lucky! That's beautiful....and not just cause it's my favorite color!

  2. WoW jackie....that looks amazing for this time of year. it is a softer yellow then mine, i really like it!!

    happy to see you really getting in to things. you have blogger blood, i hope you stick with it!! i can say, i remember you when....

    have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the shout out!!


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