Thursday, October 31, 2013

On the road again!


We are again headed out the door, in the rain, with everything wrapped in plastic in the back of the truck.  I hope everyone has a SAFE and FUN day and night! Playlist for this trip includes some James Taylor, Eagles, Beach Boys and Ronnie Milsap!

Kdaughter is partially moved and we hope to finish the last load this weekend then bring the trailer home with us. Work interrupted the moving schedule, even though professional movers moved the heavy and fragile stuff, we still have some things to finish up, clean and put away. I am falling in love with Kansas City, especially the Jack Stack Barbecue!

During our miles on the road, I found a couple of fun signs.
Just thought I would share them today!

I also want to share a photo taken in our front yard.

This photo was taken in Nixa at a friends home.
I loved the fog, and this was taken at 11am
after most of the fog had lifted.

My friend Barbara has opened a bakery called Sugar and Spice.
She brought me a tray of assorted yummy goodness.
My favorite was the cake pops!

Have a Happy Halloween!
Dress up and have fun!

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Thank you "Mad Snapper" for leading me to Pizap!


  1. Have a really good day, Jackie. Love the picture of the cakepop!!! It is cold and rainy here today- a day not fit for spook or ghoul. xo Diana

  2. What beautiful trees!!! Thanks for sharing them with us! Especially since we have so little color down here. The leaves have started to 'fade' and I've seen a bit of yellowish color in some this week! So I am happy to 'meet' you if that's YOU with the cake pop!! Those are harder to make than they look. I'm not very good at it!
    Happy Halloween! We are dressed and waiting on the porch with torches burning and The Monster Mash playing!

  3. Have a good weekend. Love the car signs! Those are cool.

  4. ooohhhh, i seemed to have missed this, for so many days!!

    i love autumn and i adore fog, combine the two and the image is stunning!!

    we had a super fun halloween!!


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